• Community health data

    Information for health researchers on Community health and safety. Includes vital records, reports, surveillance data, population health statistics, and more. 

  • Crime statistics and research

    Information from Executive Office of Public Safety, including crime reports, crime reporting forms, the State Police Crime Reporting Unit, and research and policy analysis. 

  • Environmental data

    Database lookups, online filing and reporting, maps, permits, professionals and services from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

  • Health care data resources

    Data on acute care hospitals, medical claims, financial performance, long term care, regional maps, and more. 

  • Health research and statistics

    Predefined reports from 39 data sources with data on vital statistics, communicable diseases, sociodemographic indicators, public health program usage, and other health, education, and social service indicators. Includes data  for particular geographic areas or levels, such as for a town, county, school district, or for the entire state.

  • Massachusetts health facts

    Birth, death, fertility, and health data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).