• Land and home sale records (Registry of Deeds)

    The Registry of Deeds is the place where all transactions of a real property nature are recorded so that the public is made aware of their existence. Deeds, mortgages, tax liens, water liens, declaration of homestead, and many other kinds of documents regarding the title and ownership of real estate are noted permanently in official records.
  • Septic systems & Title 5

    On-site sewage disposal systems such as septic systems and cesspools are governed by Title 5 of the Massachusetts State Environmental Code. Here you'll find information on the proper care, maintenance and repair of these systems as well as guidance for buying or selling a property with one.

  • State building code

    Whether you're replacing your deck or building a new house from scratch, you'll need to adhere to the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standard (BBRS). Check out the most recent edition of the BBRS here, with amendments since August 2010.
  • Remove lead from your home

    Learn about the deleading process, programs that provide assistance for qualified property owners with lead paint issues, and what you need to know to safely remove the lead in your home.

  • Homestead protection

    If you file for the Massachusetts Homestead Protection Act at the Registry of Deeds, your primary residence will be protected from most creditors in the event you are sued. The declaration of homestead protects the equity in your home for up to $500,000 (only one person may file, not a couple). In other words, if you are sued, $500,000 of your equity could not be touched by an attachment and subsequent levy on execution of sale.

  • Appeal your real estate tax assessment

    The most frequent type of appeal filed with the Appellate Tax Board (ATB) is the real estate tax appeals/abatement. This information will help taxpayers and assessors understand the overall process of appealing a real estate tax assessment, including how to file an appeal and prepare your case and what to expect at a hearing.