Massachusetts Educational Rewards Grant Program

The Massachusetts Educational Rewards Grant Program is helping adults with lower skills and/or limited English proficiency earn postsecondary credentials that open doors to family-supporting jobs.

Paying for Training

Find out about Career Center Funding, Federal aid, State aid, online resources and more.

Education benefits for veterans

Find information on education programs and financial assistance including tuition waivers, grants and scholarships for veterans, family members, and National Guard members in this Veterans’ Services website section.

Section 30 Training Opportunities Program

You may be eligible for up to an additional 26 weeks of unemployment insurance (UI) benefits while you are attending approved full-time training. You must apply to DUA before the end of your claim benefit year.

Part-Time Grant Program

In Massachusetts, as in some other states, the number of part-time students has grown due to demographic and economic conditions. More adults now find themselves needing to return to the classroom on a less than full-time basis. The continuous increase in college costs is also requiring more students to consider part-time programs. The Commonwealth recognizes these needs and has established the Part-Time Grant Program in response. Learn more here.