Early child care and preschool education

Learn about child care and preschool services that may be available to you, such as Head Start, licensed child care programs, public preschool programs, programs for children with special needs in your local area, and more.

K-12 (kindergarten through 12th grade) education

Find lists of public and private schools as well as nutritional and MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) information.

Educational resources for parents and caregivers

Discover helpful resources to ensure your child maximizes his or her potential. Tutoring and support information can also be found here.

Resources for students

Find out how you can access supplemental educational services such as tutors and mentors. Also learn about Massachusetts, the history of the Commonwealth and its government, and how to research your own family’s history!

Resources for educators and providers

Find information and news for educators. Topics include everything from conflict intervention to retirement.

Financial aid for childhood education

Information on financial assistance for early education and care, alternative education grants and funding, homeless education assistance, and more. 

School and district administration

Here you can find important updates from the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education on topics such as MCAS testing results, forums on bullying consequences and prevention, and eligibility requirements and application instructions for National Board Certification for Principals.

Curriculum and testing

Information about the MCAS, PSATs, SATs, MEPA, and more.  

College and career readiness

Here you will find resources on the State Scholars Initiative, American Diploma Project, MassCore, and more.

Childhood education laws and regulations

Find information on early education laws, regulations, policies, and more. 

Bullying and cyber-bullying

Students have the right to go to school and they have the right to feel safe, valued and respected. For many young people, school has become a place to dread because of the actions of a small number of students who engage in acts of bullying. Find information on bullying, cyber-bullying, the Massachusetts Bullying Prevention Law, and bullying prevention and intervention resources for families and educators here in this website section.