Tutoring and mentoring resources

Additional resources that supplement classwork can enhance comprehension and learning. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education offers various innovative approaches to help link students with these resources.

Student Advisory Council

The state Student Advisory Council is a group of students elected by their peers from schools throughout Massachusetts who are helping make decisions about state educational policy and student rights. These students are initiating and carrying through projects to make changes in local schools.

Massachusetts Online Network for Education (MassONE)

Web-based communication, collaboration, and curriculum planning tools for students, teachers and administrators.

Student and family support

Here you will find all kinds of support from academically advanced education to safe and healthy environments.  

Learning support services

The Learning Support Services (LSS) unit works in partnership with educators, schools, students, families, and other partners across the Commonwealth to promote a comprehensive and collaborative approach to developing all students' academic, social, emotional, and physical competencies.

Fun facts about Massachusetts

Discover these fun facts about Massachusetts, including its state folk hero, folk song, official fossil, flower, beverage, dessert, bird, fish, horse, seal, flag and more.

Kids' Zone

Lots of games, trivia, fun facts and stories for kids of all ages.  

Researching your family history

The Archives, a division of the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, is the repository for Massachusetts records generated by state government. Archives holdings date from the beginning of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1628 and document the settlement of lands in Maine and Massachusetts, the arrival of immigrants, and the development of state government. Public records are not in the holdings of the Archives because of inherent genealogical value. However, these documents can be an important resource for people engaged in the study of family history.

Interactive State House

Ever wonder what education was like in the 1600s? Did you know that soldiers from Lowell, Massachusetts were the first to fight in the Civil War? Check out the Interactive State House's evolving collection of on-line historical resources and fun facts about Massachusetts.

Commonwealth Museum

The Commonwealth Museum uses state-of-the-art technology to trace the development of rights in Massachusetts from the 1600s until today. Climate-controlled cases display the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, “John Adams” Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, and unique royal charters. The copper plate used by Paul Revere to engrave his image of the Boston Massacre is a featured piece. Take a virtual tour today and see how interactive exhibits, personal stories, and a high tech theater bring history alive.

About county government

Massachusetts has 14 counties. Many functions that are performed at the county level in other states, are performed at the state level here. Find out about our counties and regions.