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Here you'll find the JobQuest job search tool, state job listings in the Commonwealth Employment Opportunities (CEO) database, job listings for state authorities and quasi-state agencies, court system job listings, educator job listings, USAJOBS, and other job search resources to help you find the opportunities that are right for you.

Internship and career opportunities for young adults

Are you looking for work and advice on a career direction? Find internships, networking events, job listings and other resources to build your future here.

Scholarship, grant, internship and networking opportunities for students

Learn about opportunities for students to gain valuable career experience in science, research, entrepreneurship and more.

Youth employment information from the Dept. of Labor and Workforce Development

Massachusetts child labor laws affect minors' working hours, provide for certain additional required supervision, streamline the work permit process, strengthen existing criminal penalties and also allow for civil penalties in the event of violations. Find a summary of the Massachusetts laws regulating child labor here, along with the work permit application form and a guide for working teens.

Youth employment information from the Attorney General’s Office

The Attorney General enforces the provisions of the Massachusetts Child Labor Laws. These laws were written to protect young workers who suffer injuries at much higher rates than adults and who need to balance work and education. Generally, the work of minors is restricted with respect to three main areas: minimum age, hours, and occupations. Information on these laws and restrictions – as well as an application for the mandatory Youth Work Permit – can be found here.