Massachusetts in-state college residency tuition policy

On April 19, 2007, the Board of Higher Education adopted a system-wide policy governing residency status for tuition classification purposes, i.e., whether a student can be eligible for in-state tuition at Massachusetts' public higher education institutions. Learn more here.

Public higher education campuses

The Public Higher Education System comprises 29 campuses divided into three segments: 15 community colleges, nine state universities and the five University of Massachusetts' campuses. Explore links to campus websites, and view a map of campus locations.

Independent colleges and universities in Massachusetts

The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in Massachusetts (AICUM) consists of 60 degree-granting, accredited independent or private colleges and universities in the Commonwealth. Use the map to search by Massachusetts county, or review the complete list for more information about AICUM member colleges and universities.

Massachusetts Colleges Online

Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO) is a consortium of the 15 community colleges and 9 state colleges of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Career Information System (MassCIS)

MassCIS is designed to provide occupational and educational information to help people make better-informed career and school choices.

Financial aid and savings programs for higher education

Find Federal student aid information, submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), learn about the U.Fund or the U.Plan, and other savings programs for higher education.