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    Whether you are looking for a gourmet dining experience or good fast food take-out, Massachusetts has restaurants to suit every taste. From seafood to steak, Italian to Middle Eastern, Chinese to American classics -- and every other ethnic cuisine in between -- Massachusetts is sure to satisfy your appetite!
  • Find places to shop

    Whether you like to shop at consignment stores, have a hankering for antique jewelry, or prefer the outlets, it's easy to find a store near you. Just enter your city, region, or zip code.
  • Culinary tours

    Food, glorious food! From Cape Cod and the Islands to the Berkshire Hills, each Massachusetts region offers the epicurean delectable seasonal fare to satisfy every palette. What else would you expect from the birthplace of the first Thanksgiving?
  • Ethnic market and food production tours

    Put on your walking shoes and step "behind-the-scenes" at a number of Massachusetts ethnic market and food production tours. Whether it's a tour of an Italian, Asian, or Eastern European market, or a taste of chocolate, artisan bread, or potato chips, you’ll be under the expert guidance of tour operators and food producers from across the Bay State. Be sure to contact businesses directly for specific details.
  • Farmers' markets

    From spring until late fall, you can find local growers setting up their canopies and colorful displays of just-harvested fruits and vegetables in town squares, parks, and other public spaces. Check here for locations.
  • Healthy dining

    Looking for a healthy restaurant in your area? Healthy Dining Finder can help. From money-saving tips on how to dine healthy while out, at home, or at work to information on becoming a community health advocate, programs and activities are available to help everyone eat better.
  • Jewish cuisine tour

    Learn about Jewish cuisine from our experts while tasting authentic dishes - matzo ball soup, latkes, falafel and more.
  • North End (Little Italy) or Chinatown market tours

    Discover one of the most vibrant ethnic neighborhoods in this country. Take a three-hour culinary walking tour of Boston's Italian and/or Chinese neighborhood. Like a cooking class on foot: learn the regional food differences of these cultures.
  • Russian cuisine tour

    Where can you find the best Russian borsch? What is the Russian way to drink tea and vodka? Discover the answers at our Walking Tour of Russian Cuisine and enjoy light fluffy blintzes, delicate Siberian dumplings, imported caviar, and more.
  • Savor Massachusetts

    Did you know that Massachusetts is known for its fabulously briny Wellfleet oysters and delicious fresh Atlantic lobster, clams, and scallops? Or that Central Massachusetts specialties include maple syrup, apple cider, and farmstead cheese? From food festivals to tours and wine/food tastings, our state offers the epicurean something unique to savor at every stop.
  • Shopping and dining in Boston

    From upscale malls filled with stores and restaurants to open markets selling antiques, jewelry, and fresh produce, Boston offers world-class dining and shopping options as well as local, artisan, and ethnic favorites.
  • Shopping rights

    Did you know you have at least seven years from date of issue to redeem a store credit? Information including the Massachusetts Consumers Guide to Shopping Rights, the gift certificate law as well as buying advice.