• People bicycling.
  • Bicycle and motorcycle safety

    Did you know that Massachusetts law requires all bikers to adhere to all applicable motor vehicle laws? Check out the statistics on biking fatalities and injuries, helmet laws, MassBike fun rides, the Massachusetts Rider Education Program for motorcyclists, and more.
  • Bicycle laws

    Do you know your rights on the road? Or what your responsibilities are when biking in Massachusetts? Here is a summary of the state's bike law that covers equipment, riding, safety standards, races, violations, and penalties.
  • Bike paths and trails

    Strap on your helmet and head out to one of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's beautiful bike paths or trails. Here you'll also find trail maps, directions, and more.
  • Bike transportation

    Did you know that cycling is ranked among the top three exercises for improving cardiovascular fitness? That’s just one of the benefits of biking and one more reason for the Commonwealth’s commitment to bicycle transportation. Consistent with this commitment, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has been implementing shared use path projects, rail trail paths, and other programs that support bicycling for more than two decades. Learn about the 740-mile Bay State Greenway (BSG) bicycle network covering seven corridors throughout the Commonwealth. Find out what the Bay State is doing to improve bicycle safety and bicycle access on bridges and mass transit. Learn about the GreenDOT policy and it goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote the healthy transportation options of walking, bicycling, and public transit, and support smart growth development, and more.

  • Bikes on the MBTA

    Did you know that you can buy a Bike CharlieCard? Find out when and where bikes are allowed on the commuter rail, subways, and buses. Also bone up on rules and regulations, restrictions, and learn about new bike parking facilities.
  • Mountain biking

    Take in the sights and sounds of the season while exploring some of the best mountain bike trails.
  • Off-road vehicle information

    Recreation vehicle safety laws and regulations as they pertain to Massachusetts forests and parks.
  • Find a bike trail

    Got a mountain bike? Check out the trails in state parks throughout the state. Or choose from a wide variety of rail trails — former railway lines that have been converted to paths, many of which have great views.