• Someone hiking
  • Accessible trails

    If you're disabled or just having a tough time getting around on foot, you can still enjoy hiking in Massachusetts state parks. Here is a list of short, Accessible Trails that are either paved or made from stonedust.
  • Greenways and trails

    Natural areas are important not only for plants and wildlife, but also people. Encouraging healthy active, outdoor recreation, the DCR's Greenways and Trails Program supports greenway and trail projects such as those listed here for a diverse group of users, including hikers, bicyclists, equestrians, pedestrians, and wildlife watchers.
  • Hiking

    Like to hike? Try one of our accessible trails or take a self-guided family hike at one of the many Department of Recreation and Conservation parks throughout Massachusetts.
  • Nature and birding trails

    Each of Massachusetts' many parks, state forests, reservations, and wildlife sanctuaries is a birder's and hiker's paradise. Visit one of the Department of Conservation and Recreation's nature and birding trails to learn why.
  • Running paths

    Greater Boston is full of great places to run. Check out the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation's paths. They're open from dawn to dusk.
  • Walking trails

    Get healthy. Lose weight. Be fit. Check out the Department of Conservation and Recreation's regional walking trails.
  • Find a hiking/walking trail

    Each of the many trails and paths in Massachusetts offers distinct sights, flora, fauna and terrain. Exploring them all would probably take a lifetime — so start with the ones that best suit your individual interests.