• People having a picnic in the park.
  • Amusement parks

    Hang on to your hat. Massachusetts theme parks are perfect for a day out with the family, whether you want a high-speed ride or a low-speed family farm experience, visit a Massachusetts amusement park today.
  • Athletic fields

    The vast majority of athletic fields, courts and other active recreation facilities are located in the Division of Urban Parks and Recreation. DCR's Urban Division manages twenty-eight properties offering active sport facilities. These include tennis and basketball courts and baseball, softball,soccer and football fields.

  • Boston Harbor Islands

    The unique natural, cultural and recreational resources available to the public make the Boston Harbor Islands a perfect adventure getaway. Visitors to the park enjoy shell and slate beaches, tidal pools, old roads to historic foundations and forts, and easy hiking trails past fields with bayberry and raspberry. Shaded trails lead to scenic vistas of the harbor, the city skyline, and outward to Massachusetts Bay.
  • Camping

    Savor the moonlit, starry sky, trade stories around the campfire, then roll out your sleeping bag and have the best night's sleep since you were a kid.  Ahhh, camping. It's a fun way to experience nature, and positively the easiest way to escape from everyday life.

  • Camping in state parks

    Parents and kids who go camping together agree, there is almost always something fun to do, whether it’s taking part in organized campground activities, like nature walks or star gazing, going for bike rides, or just hanging out at the lake, campfire or playground. Massachusetts has 29 beautiful state forests and park campgrounds to pitch your tent in!
  • Camping (off-season)

    For the hearty camper, off-season camping can be an exciting time to enjoy the great outdoors. While most campsites starting in mid-October are given a well needed rest over the winter, the facilities listed here remain open.
  • Day use parks for groups

    Summer is a time for family reunions, company picnics, school trips and weddings. DCR parks offer many day-use areas that may be reserved for both large and small groups (large groups may be required to hire a law enforcement officer). Most areas are accessible to people of all abilities. Contact the parks directly to find out the extent of accessibility that is available, and for more information about reservations, facilities, and fees.
  • Fishing in state parks

    You'll need a fishing license, but most Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation lakes and ponds allow fishing, and some are stocked annually. Here you'll find a list of freshwater and saltwater lakes and ponds by region.
  • Historic parks

    From Pilgrim Memorial State Park in Plymouth, where Plymouth Rock is located to Walden Pond State Reservation in Concord where Henry David Thoreau lived, the Massachusetts park system is rich with history. Choose a park to visit.
  • Massport parks

    Massport provides more than transportation services. Its parks and open spaces bring Massachusetts residents and visitors together to enjoy nature's peace and quiet, along with some of the best views of Boston.
  • Park Passport

    Get your Park Passport and start exploring each of the 76 Massachusetts Passport Parks! Check out the stamps online and click on the ones of interest for a photo, short description, trail map, and driving directions.
  • Parks in the city of Boston

    Find out what's happening in the Parks and Recreation department of the City of Boston.  

  • Picnic

    Who doesn't like a picnic? When you combine good food and company with fresh air and sunshine, all you need for a successful outing is a great location. Check out regional Massachusetts campgrounds, forests, and parks here.
  • Playgrounds

    Kids spending too much time playing video games? Head to the playground! The combination of slides, swings, climbing, and open space for running and playing with friends makes the playground a perfect escape for any child. Find the Department of Conservation and Recreation playground nearest to you.
  • Rock climbing

    Two scenic state reservations located just south and west of Boston showcase large geological formations that are perfect for rock climbing and belaying. Find directions by car and public transportation here.
  • Special use permits

    If you're holding an out-of-the-ordinary park activity such as a small wedding ceremony, concert, road race, sporting event, or group gathering that includes amusements, barbeques, and/or amplified sound at a Department of Conservation park, you need to apply for a Special Use Permit. Check these links to obtain instructions, complete your application online, and find out whether you’ll also need a Filming and Photography Permit application.
  • State park activities

    Looking for family fun activities this fall like canoeing and bike riding? Start exploring Massachusetts state parks! You can reconnect with nature, experience magnificent natural settings, hike, bike, climb, swim, fish and even paddle. From equestrian trails to freshwater ponds, our state parks are impossibly gorgeous natural habitats, where you'll find a world of outdoor fun, all 12 months of the year.
  • State park events

    When you want to go out and play, Massachusetts is the place to be. From nature walks in the woods to bird watching, star gazing, and mountain biking, each region has a fun-filled calendar of monthly events.
  • State parks by name

    So you want to visit a Massachusetts DCR state park, but you're not sure where to go? Browse parks by name and enjoy an overview of the area, plus parking directions.
  • State parks by area

    Do you want to visit a Massachusetts DCR state park in your area?  Browse parks by region.

  • State parks: universal access program

    The Division of State Parks and Recreation's Universal Access Program provides outdoor recreation opportunities at state parks and forests throughout Massachusetts for visitors of all abilities.
  • Borrow a ParksPass

    Discover your Massachusetts state parks by borrowing a ParksPass from a participating library or recreation department. The ParksPass entitles the bearer to free parking at over 50 facilities in the Massachusetts State Parks System that charge a day-use parking fee.
  • Purchase a ParksPass

    The Massachusetts DCR ParksPass provides unlimited day-use parking at state park facilities that charge a day-use fee. The DCR ParksPass is a hangtag issued for one vehicle with a sticker that is valid for one calendar year: January to December. Check out the list of parks and admission prices.