• People on a boat.
  • Boat ramps

    If you fish in Massachusetts, you'll find this list of regional boat ramps and public landings invaluable. Boat owners should keep in mind that all motorized boats must be registered with the Massachusetts Environmental Police.
  • Canoeing & kayaking

    Before you grab your paddles and pack up to go canoeing or kayaking, be sure to check this awesome list of Massachusetts places to paddle. Find directions, rental instructions, and more.
  • Fishing and boat charters

    Every true angler has that one special fishing spot, the one place he or she can always count on to reel one in. Not surprisingly, many have come to refer to their special spot as Massachusetts, where you'll find an extraordinary amount of great freshwater and saltwater fishing, all four seasons. Search for the type of fishing or boat charter you prefer, and then search for the charter of your choice here.
  • Motorized boating

    Find a list of state parks, forests, or reservations that offer motorized boating, along with trail maps, directions, things to know before you go, and more. You'll need to register your boat with the Massachusetts Environmental Police, Bureau of Registration and titling.
  • Nonmotorized boating

    Find a list of state parks, forests, rivers, or recreation areas that offer nonmotorized boating, along with trail maps, directions, things to know before you go, and more.
  • Sailing

    Harness the power of the wind and direct your craft to its destination from one of these Massachusetts sailing locations. Also find boating season schedules, information on lessons, and special programs for physically challenged and impaired people.
  • Boating adventures

    These boating adventures include rafting, paddling, windsurfing, and more. 

  • Boating law summary

    It might surprise you to learn that personal watercraft operators must be 16 years of age. Before you take your boat out in Commonwealth waters, be sure to check the Massachusetts Boating Law Summary.
  • Download a boating accident report links to PDF file

    The operator/owner of a vessel used for recreational purposes is required to file a written report when:

    • an accident results in loss of life or disappearance from a vessel
    • an injury requires medical treatment beyond first aid
    • the property damage exceeds $500 or the vessel is a complete loss
  • Boat pumpout facilities

    Need to dispose of boat waste? The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management will come to your boat and pump it out. Find a list of pumpouts for the entire coast organized by region here.
  • No discharge areas

    No Discharge Areas (NDAs) are designated bodies of water where the discharge of all boat sewage, whether treated or not, is prohibited. Find out what to do if you find yourself in an NDA area, current NDA locations, boat pumpout information, and more.
  • Boat safety

    Operating a boat, whether motor or non-motorized, is a safe outdoor recreational activity. By using a little common sense, boating will stay that way.

  • Mass. guide to boating laws and responsibilities

    This boater safety handbook is designed to give Massachusetts boaters the information needed to be a safe and responsible boater.

  • Commuter boat service and ferry service

    Take a commuter boat, a harbor cruise, a water taxi or a ferry to see Massachusetts.  

  • Whale watching

    Did you know that Massachusetts is one of the top ten whale-watching spots in the world? Charters typically run from April to October, so if you're interested in observing these magnificent creatures, plan your visit to the Bay State for that time frame.