• Father and son fishing.
  • Barrier free fishing

    Just because you're disabled or a wheelchair user doesn't mean that you can't enjoy fishing. Check here for a list of facilities the Office of Boating and Fishing Access has built to provide accessible fishing for the mobility impaired.
  • Fact sheets on fish, fish resources, and programs

    Did you know that fish have excellent senses of sight, touch, taste, and many possess a good sense of smell and hearing? Check here for interesting fish facts, information on fish restoration programs, and fisheries resources. You'll also find links to pond maps, fisheries-related regulations, and endangered fish species!
  • Fisheries publications

    Wondering which freshwater fish are native to Massachusetts or what the Commonwealth is doing to ensure brook trout conservation and recovery? Fisheries-related fact sheets, magazine articles, and posters are available for conservationists and anyone with an interest in ponds, streams, or rivers.
  • Fishing and boat charters

    Every true angler has that one special fishing spot, the one place he or she can always count on to reel one in. Not surprisingly, many have come to refer to their special spot as Massachusetts, where you'll find an extraordinary amount of great freshwater and saltwater fishing, all four seasons. Search for the type of fishing or boat charter you prefer, and then search for the charter of your choice here.
  • Fishing license types and fees

    Fees listed for first resident license and all non-resident licenses include a $5.00 Wildlands Conservation Stamp fee. Massachusetts residents need only pay the $5.00 Wildlands Stamp fee for the first license purchased in a calendar year. Non-residents are required to pay the Wildlands Stamp fee for every license purchased.

  • Learn how to fish

    Whether you're new to fishing or just want to take a program about fishing, you can find the information here.
  • Marine Fisheries

    The Division of Marine Fisheries issues permits and regulations for commercial and recreational fishing, plus updates that include, for example, areas closed for harvest of shellfish due to "Red Tide." Find information on bait dealers, a Salt Water Fishing Guide, and more.
  • Places to fish

    Whether you're looking for freshwater fishing areas, good waters for catching bass, or want to participate in the Tags 'n Trout Program for a prize, these "off-the-beaten-path" hot fishing honey holes are unknown to most anglers. So check them out -- some boat restrictions may apply here.
  • Purchase a fishing license online

    All you need to purchase a Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game fishing license online is a major credit card, paper, and a printer to print out a copy!
  • Report a fishing violation

    Need to report a fishing violation? Contact the Massachusetts Environmental Police Radio Room at 1-800-632-8075 at any hour of the day. The Environmental Police are experts in fish and wildlife law as well as boating, recreational vehicle and other environmental laws.
  • Seafood and bait dealers

    Look up a seafood and bait dealer and explore the dealer reporting requirements for primary bait buyers who have no reporting requirements and those with federal or state reporting requirements. Get answers to dealer reporting FAQs, download primary buyer worksheets, check out the Massachusetts commercial fishing regulations and more.