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    Whether you're looking to take in some culture, get in touch with nature, or visit points of historical interest, there are countless colorful things to taste, see, and do in Massachusetts.
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    Wheel chair users and the disabled no longer need to pass up travel, a trip to the library, or their favorite outdoor activities thanks to these new accessibility enhancements.
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    The Massachusetts State Lottery was established by the legislature in 1971 in response to the need for revenues. Each year, the Lottery returns money to the 351 cities and towns across the Commonwealth to help aid our communities.
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    Here travel industry professionals, researchers, tour operators and travel journalists will find information on industry programs, public relations, marketing focus -- both domestic and international -- industry newsletters, and marketing initiatives from the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism (MOTT).
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    As with any large state, there's a lot to know about Massachusetts. We've got the basics for you here: driving safety, sales, hotel, and meal taxes, and applicable state laws.
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    Marriage licenses are issued from any Massachusetts city or town hall. Proper identification is necessary. Find out more here.