• State house dome
  • Commonwealth Museum

    The Commonwealth Museum uses state-of-the-art technology to trace the development of rights in Massachusetts from the 1600s until today. Climate-controlled cases display the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights, “John Adams” Massachusetts Constitution of 1780, and unique royal charters. The copper plate used by Paul Revere to engrave his image of the Boston Massacre is a featured piece. Take a virtual tour today and see how interactive exhibits, personal stories, and a high tech theater bring history alive.
  • Fun facts about Massachusetts

    Discover these fun facts about Massachusetts, including its state folk hero, folk song, official fossil, flower, beverage, dessert, bird, fish, horse, seal, flag and more.
  • Interactive State House

    An evolving collection of on-line historical resources and fun facts about Massachusetts.
  • Legal holidays in Massachusetts

    To help with your vacation planning, here is a list of all legal holidays observed in Massachusetts

  • Research state history at the Massachusetts Archives

    The Archives Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office is the repository for Massachusetts records generated by state government. The holdings date from the beginning of the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1628 and document the settlement of lands in Maine and Massachusetts, the arrival of immigrants, and the development of state government. These records include land grants, divorces and contested estates, legislative papers, and tax valuation lists. Public records are not in the holdings of the Archives strictly because of inherent genealogical value, but since they often include references to early Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire families, these documents are a major resource for people engaged in the study of family history.
  • State House web tour

    This web tour brings the State House and its history to the citizens of Massachusetts. Visitors can take online tours of both the Capitol grounds and the Capitol building. Included is a virtual tour of the State House art collection, featuring the work of Sheila de Bretteville and Susan Sellers. The newest addition to the State House art collection, their piece honors all Massachusetts women who were active in public life.

  • Cities & towns, comprehensive information

    Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns.  This is your resource for accessing a wide range of official information -- community profiles, state aid (cherry sheets), official websites, and more -- specific to each city and town.