Airports and planes

Whether you’re planning to fly into Massachusetts by private or commercial plane — for business or pleasure — you have a lot of airport options.

Trains and commuter rail

Along with the obvious benefits of reducing your gasoline costs and improving the quality of your commute time, there are other added benefits to commuting by train. Train commuters walk more. Another plus is you don't have to find a parking space. And in an overcrowded area, that can be worth a lot. Last but not least, the time you spend on the train can be turned into useful time for business, like working on your laptop, or personal projects, like reading a good book.


Sit back, relax, and let someone else do the driving -- whether you are travelling to work, going shopping, popping into town to meet with friends, or getting home safely after a good night out, taking the bus can be less stressful and more relaxing than driving.