I-93 lane / high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane

If you carpool with at least one other person (check the posting at the entrance sign for the minimum number allowed), you can zip along in the express lane or HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lane and save time and money on gas!

MassPike, Tobin Bridge, Sumner/Ted Williams toll calculator

Know your toll costs before your trip. Here you'll find toll information and specific pricing for all toll roads in Mass, including the Mass Turnpike, Sumner and Ted Williams Tunnels, and the Tobin Bridge.


Hit these links before you hit the road. Find maps and tips on where to park in Boston and at Logan Airport. Plus information on ridesharing and vanpooling from park and ride lots in the suburbs.

E-ZPass toll collection program

The E-ZPass (formerly Fast Lane) electronic toll collection program is a convenient way to pay tolls without having to stop and fumble for money. Use it to pay tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike, the Sumner and Ted Williams Tunnels, on the Tobin Bridge, or anywhere that E-ZPass is accepted throughout the Northeast U.S. Find out how to apply for E-ZPass, toll payment options, program benefits, commercial accounts, and more.

Traffic updates and road construction

Take control of your commute with real-time traffic information and construction updates for your daily drives.


Why drive alone? Learn about the benefits of sharing the commute with a friend or coworker. Find out how to get started and what to do if you need get home for an emergency, and more.


Did you know that many vanpool passengers save an extra 10% discount on their automobile insurance with proof of a vanpool certification? If you are interested in trying or joining a carpool or vanpool, the MassRIDES program can help you find other people going the same way at the same time, or introduce you to possible vanpools that operate in your area.

E-ZPass discounts for ridesharing

E-ZPass (formerly FAST LANE) discounts are available to commuters who "rideshare" or travel with three or more people in their private passenger vehicle and use the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) or the Sumner/Ted Williams Tunnels.