Mass. drivers license and state ID card renewal

Renew your Massachusetts driver's license or state ID card online.

How to get a Mass. state ID card

If you don't have a Massachusetts driver's license and need identification to prove you are who you say you are, you can get a Massachusetts ID at the Registry of Motor Vehicles. The state accepts this card, and you can use it as an official form of identity, signature, and age.

How to get a learner's permit or driver's license

Learn who's eligible for a passenger driver's permit/license, what the different license classes are, what the fees are, the information you need to provide, how to schedule a road test, and more.

Driving manual

This Driver's Manual provides important information about the many services offered by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Whether you have questions about the documents you need to apply for a driver's license, how to renew a registration, or learning the rules of the road, the answers are all in here. Discover everything you should know about owning and operating a motor vehicle in Massachusetts.

Guides to the Junior Operator Law (JOL) for teens and parents

Getting your driver's license is a big deal. And so are the penalties for talking on a cell phone or writing, sending, or reading text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Check the JOL features and content sections for more detailed information.

Driver's education programs

One of the greatest rites of passage in a young person's life is getting a driver's license. With so many driver's education programs to choose from, the choice can be overwhelming. The RMV created this Guide to Driver's Education Programs to help make that decision a little easier.

Schedule a driver's license road test

Learn what information you need to schedule your road test in order to get a car, motorcycle or commercial driving license.

Converting your out of state license

If you've moved to Massachusetts from another state, you'll need to obtain a valid driver's license and register your car. The key to making this process smooth is to have all the correct documents with you and a check or money order. Find out how to convert your license, what to do if you're over and under 18 years old, testing and fee requirements, and more.