• Historic Sites
    Visit Massachusetts’ many important historic sites.
  • History Museums
    Find museums and other venues devoted to American history in Massachusetts.
  • Ideas for Historical Trips
    Plan your trip with an idea board of historic site from the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism (MOTT).
  • Arts Overview
    Learn about Massachusetts’ thriving arts scene, including music, dance, painting, sculpture, film, theater, and more.
  • Museums
    Find museums across the state on a wide range of subjects including art, natural history, archeology, and even furniture.
  • Theaters
    Hoping to catch dinner and a show? Find venues across the Commonwealth.
  • General Seasonal Attractions
    Not sure when to visit Massachusetts? Find out what the Commonwealth has to offer from season to season.
  • Spring
    Make the most of Massachusetts during spring with suggestions from MOTT.
  • Summer
    Enjoy the Bay State’s endless coastlines and other summer attraction ideas from MOTT.
  • Fall
    Find out what MOTT recommends for fall fun, from leaf peeping to pumpkin picking.
  • Winter
    Take advantage of all that snow with winter activity suggestions from MOTT.