• Major Traffic Violations
    See all major traffic violations that apply to driving in Massachusetts.
  • Minor Traffic Violations
    See all minor traffic violations.
  • Safe Driving Law
    The Safe Driving Law restricts cellphone use while driving. Familiarize yourself with Massachusetts requirements.
  • Headlight Law
    Drivers in Massachusetts must turn on their headlights from 30 minutes before sunset to 30 minutes after sunrise, as well as whenever they need to use their windshield wipers or visibility is less than 500 feet.
  • Commuting Options
    Find general information on rail travel, carpooling, and other commuting options in Massachusetts.
  • NuRIDE
    Use this online tool to find carpools near you and earn rewards for green commuting.
  • Toll Calculator
    Use this calculator to figure out how much cash you’ll need for tolls on your next trip.
  • E-ZPass MA Program
    Save time at the toll booth by paying in advance through the E-ZPass MA program, an electronic toll collection system.