Massachusetts Recovery Update

Week of October 31, 2010

Quote of the Week:

"Not only have we invested in our infrastructure by putting construction workers back on the job, we have also invested in our workers by funding job training programs across the state. These programs have provided services for over 3 million beneficiaries across Massachusetts from Pittsfield to Plymouth."

Governor Deval Patrick, in the recently released Citizens Update V, on the impact of the stimulus program on the Commonwealth.

photo: Diane Desrosiers FACES OF ECONOMIC RECOVERY

"The stimulus funds have made such a difference in our students' lives."

Diane Desrosiers, PhD., director of student services for Fall River-based Atlantis Charter School, on the three stimulus awards her school received which enabled the staff to develop five new student-focused intiatives.


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Latest Citizens' Update now available

photo: Citizens Update
The Commonwealth's latest Citizens' Update on the impact and progress of Recovery Act funding here in Massachusetts is now available. The CU indicates that as of September 30, $6.6 billion in stimulus funds have been awarded to state agencies and over 46,600 individuals have received a Recovery Act funded paycheck since the program began. Read more pdf format of    Citizens' Update  .

Ware receives stimulus funds for new fire station

photo: Firefighters
The town of Ware received $5 million in stimulus funds, as well as $1 million in state funds, to support its efforts to build a new fire station. Ware is one of only two communities in Massachusetts to receive funding through the Recovery Act's Assistance to the Firefighters State Construction Grant Program. Ware's only fire station has been deemed structurally deficient. Read more.

Stimulus in Action: A fresh breath of air, with some help from stimulus

photo: Karena McKinney
Karena McKinney, an assistant chemistry professor at Amherst College, is determined to make sure we all breathe cleaner air. And a $626K stimulus award through the National Science Foundation that has enabled her to purchase a new air analysis machine is helping her do that. Read more.


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