Commonwealth well on track to meet final reporting deadline of October 20th

BOSTON - Saturday, October 10 th - The Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office (MassRRO) announced today that Massachusetts has filed the first of its quarterly reports to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). Recipient reporting under ARRA is one element of the unprecedented level of government transparency ushered in by the Recovery Act.

Today marks the initial deadline for data submission to the federal government under the Recovery Act, but the reporting process will continue through the final submission date of October 20 th. During this reporting period, all recipients of ARRA funds must report the projects and activities funded under the Act and perform quality assurance tests on their data. As of today, Massachusetts is well on track to meet that final deadline.

All award recipients are required to report spending and jobs data to the federal government. Massachusetts' recovery legislation also requires additional data to be reported above and beyond the federal requirements in order to fulfill our commitment to full transparency, including awards falling below the federal reporting threshold of $25,000, average salaries for ARRA jobs, and status reports for ARRA-funded projects.

Massachusetts has elected to report its Recovery Act data centrally, meaning that all state agencies receiving ARRA funds will report their information to MassRRO, which will then submit all data to OMB via the website. It is estimated that state agencies will be the recipients of approximately two-thirds of ARRA funding coming into the Commonwealth, excluding tax benefits. The full impact of all the ARRA funding awarded to Massachusetts recipients will be made available to the state and the public through the federal recovery website after October 30 th.

The first quarterly reporting cycle marks an unprecedented level of transparency into how federal dollars are being spent and will help drive accountability for the timely, prudent, and effective spending of recovery dollars. This is the first time that all of state government has been asked to report in the same way about their programs and projects using a consistent set of metrics and data points. All data from this first reporting cycle will be available to the public towards the beginning of November at Data for Massachusetts will also be available at