• Helping a Berkshire County health center help its own

    For Community Health Programs (CHP), serving the health care needs of those in Berkshire County was difficult in its former cramped space. The health center had eight sites but it was difficult to accommodate all its patients. A stimulus grant enabled the health center to consolidate to three sites, renovate a new space and meet the needs of its many patients. 

  • Providing those with disabilities with the ability to live on their own

    The Boston Center for Independent Living aims to provide skills and confidence to people with disabilities so they can be in full control of their own lives as well as active members of their communities. A stimulus award helped this organization broaden its reach by enabling it to hire outreach workers to target the Haitian and Latino communities.

  • Helping working parents, keeping children happy

    For those caring for children and seniors, Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House is a lifeline. The day care center's stimulus grant was vital to low income working parents because it provided them with vouchers so their children could attend the center's summer program and they could keep their jobs.
  • A clean tech company gets a charge from stimulus

    Dr. Riccardo Signorelli and John Cooley discovered a revolutionary, cost effective way to develop "green" batteries that could store energy and charge quickly but they needed funding to bring it to the marketplace. Fortunately, FastCAP, the company they founded, received a Recovery Act grant that enabled them to develop these energy storage products that are cheaper, last longer and charge quickly.
  • Helping a single mom stay warm in her Gloucester home

    Stephanie East fell in love with her house in Gloucester the moment she saw it. But in her first winter there with her two kids, she realized that she couldn't afford to heat it because it was so poorly insulated. Fortunately the stimulus-funded Weatherization Assistance Program is there to help.
  • In Taunton, a Housing Authority feels the impact of stimulus -- for a long time

    The Taunton Housing Authority will be feeling the impact of its stimulus awards for years to come. The agency used some of its stimulus funds to make capital improvements to three different housing developments in Taunton, enabling the sites to be federalized and ensuring them a predictable stream of income.
  • Finding a new way to treat an old disease

    According to UMass Med School Professor Christopher Sassetti, Tuberculosis is one of the three major killer diseases around the world and it is particularly hard to treat. A stimulus grant is helping Dr. Sassetti's lab try to discover a drug that will inhibit the growth of the bacteria and change the course of tuberculosis' treatment.
  • Getting a job, helping the southcoast thrive

    For Veronique Fontenelle, the construction of the new, stimulus-funded interchange off Route 24 on the Fall River/Freetown line means more to her than better local access and economic development in the south coast area: It means a job.
  • With new policing intiatives, a town sees big changes

    Wareham Police Chief Richard Stanley wanted to implement a number of new initiatives that he believed would have long term impact on the quality of life for this coastal town's residents but funding was an issue. That is where the stimulus program came in.
  • Stimulus in action: Providing a job, building a bridge

    For Joe Graham, a civil engineer, the stimulus-funded North Bank Bridge project -- which involves building a pedestrian bridge from East Cambridge to City Square in Charlestown -- is his dream job come true.
  • Trained firefighters, a safer town: Stimulus funds help New Bedford

    New Bedford Fire Chief Michael Gomes has faced some tricky situations in his career as a firefighter. But turning down a $12.2 million grant was not something he wanted to experience – and thanks to stimulus funds, he didn't have to.
  • Helping children early so they can thrive later

    When Brenda Derito received a diagnosis of cerebral palsy for her then 9-month old daughter Payton it was not easy. But BAMSI's Early Intervention program has been able to help Payton thrive and two stimulus awards are letting this program help even more children reach their full potential.
  • A passionate advocate for those with disabilities

    It wasn't until Lisa Rose's relative was diagnosed with a mental illness that she discovered her passion for advocating and helping people with disabilities. Now, thanks to the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann's stimulus grant, Rose is its community education outreach assistant and is able to advocate and help those who need it most.
  • For domestic violence victims, a much needed advocate

    For victims of domestic violence, working their way through the criminal justice system can be an overwhelming - and often scary - situation. A victim's advocate provides the support, resources and knowledge the victim needs to get through the process and thanks to the stimulus program, Plymouth County District Attorney's Office now has an advocate dedicated solely to domestic violence victims.
  • Accessibility for all: One woman's mission, powered by stimulus

    For Mary Margaret Moore, executive Director of the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, the All People Accessible Business project (APAB), which her organization has developed, is yet another way to demonstrate her determination to ensure that people with disabilities have access to everything they want. The project was developed with a stimulus grant of $112K that came to the Center through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.
  • Ensuring that all victims of crime and trauma get the help they need

    The town of Milford's immigrant population was being underserved in its experiences with trauma. That is until Wayside Family & Youth Network, a social services agency, received stimulus funds to hire a multi-lingual counselor to help Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking children and their parents during a crisis and to develop a rape crisis program.
  • Providing counseling and helping the homeless find a way home

    As a mental health counselor specializing in substance abuse, Molly Derr has been working in homeless shelters and with those struggling with addiction and mental health issues nearly her whole career. When Action Inc., an anti-poverty agency on the North Shore, determined that it needed a mental health counselor specifically for substance abuse in its shelters, Derr seemed like the perfect fit for the job. Thanks to a stimulus grant, the position is now hers.
  • A place to call home for a single mother and her family

    Gina Cruz is a survivor of domestic violence and a recovering addict with two girls that she is raising on her own. Being able to put a roof over their heads is a vital part of that process. When Cruz fell on hard times recently it was stimulus funding through the Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing program that ensured that Cruz and her daughters have a place they call home.
  • Fixing a roof, providing heat and creating a home, with stimulus' help

    When it rained, water used to seep through Juana Rodriguez's roof on her house in Dorchester. That all changed once Rodriguez called Action for Boston Community Development, an anti poverty agency that received $10 million for its weatherization program through the Recovery Act and was able to greatly expand the number of people it could help.
  • Preventing homelessness and providing opportunities

    The $383K stimulus award that the Brockton Area Multi Services Inc. (BAMSI) received for its Helpline program has been instrumental in helping 30 families in the Greater Brockton area avoid homelessness - and move on with their lives.
  • A home gets weatherized, a family stays warm

    When Jeanette Ramirez moved into her new home in Dorchester six years ago, the future looked bright. But after both her and her husband lost their jobs, keeping their six children warm in their home became increasingly difficult. Thanks to the stimulus-funded weatherization program at Boston ABCD, the family is doing fine.
  • A passion for policing - and the ability to stay on the force

    For James McCall and Stacy Cronin, being police officers and partners on the Fitchburg Police Department is way more than a job. It's a passion. Thankfully, stimulus awards to the Department enabled them to keep their jobs - and help the people of Fitchburg stay safe.
  • Nursing the homeless, with stimulus' help

    For Karen Friedman and Peggy Andreas, the stimulus grant that Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program (BHCHP) received means that the two nurses can provide healthcare services for more homeless families.
  • Getting trained to get a job, at any age

    Two years ago, Robert Crews was out of work and out of options. At 58, he was worried that finding a job at his age would be difficult. But a stimulus-funded weatherization training program changed all that.
  • The opportunity to get a home -- and a new lease on life

    It is somewhat ironic and very sobering that Lisa Bradley, who owned two homes, struggled with homelessness. But after being abandoned by her husband, no job and no one to turn to Bradley and her daughter were homeless and placed in a motel by the state.But thanks to Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership's stimulus-funded Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Rehousing grant, Bradley was able to leave the motel and start to get her life back.
  • Finding a place to call home, with stimulus' help

    Maritza Santiago has always wanted to live in Lunenburg but, as a single mother with three kids, the lack of affordable housing there made that an impossible dream. A stimulus-funded housing program changed all that.
  • Leominster stays safe, stimulus helps

    The Police Department in Leominster has been effective at keeping its crime rate down and the Police Chief credits its stimulus grants with helping his force achieve its accomplishment. The Department received two stimulus-funded Justice Assistance Grants - $50K and $102K - that they managed to use in a variety of ways to ensure that the citizens of this city are kept safe.
  • Helping victims of violence help themselves

    For The Women's Center, a series of stimulus grants means that the organization which provides support for victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse in the New Bedford area can help more women, and often their children, get their lives back on track.
  • A job and a bridge get a boost from stimulus

    Byron Beauregard has something in common with the Bridge Betterment project he worked on for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation in Oakham: Both these jobs happened because of the stimulus program.
  • Providing the vision for health, with help from stimulus

    Jeanne Ellis is passionate about the device Vista Scientific -- the company she helped found -- is developing. It is a lens that can dispense medication by inserting it in the eye and stimulus is helping her company develop it.
  • Replacing a bridge, helping a town

    The Water Street Bridge in Clinton was a disaster waiting to happen. Stimulus was able to fund a new bridge with a $3.5 million award and it is a project that has made virtually everyone in this town happy.
  • Getting the skills to get a job -- and give back

    Katherine Crocker graduated from college into one of the worst economies in decades.But as a visually impaired person, her struggle was even more difficult. A stimulus grant to the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind has enabled the creation of a job training program that is providing Crocker with the skills she needs to find the work she loves.
  • Stimulus in flight: Airborne sensors keeping soldiers safe

    Flight Landata, an aviation services company, is able to help US troops overseas thanks to a stimulus funded innovation grant. The company is adapting sensors on a satellite for aerial collection, allowing officers to more easily detect explosive devices.
  • Swansea gets clean water, Palmer River -- and stimulus -- help

    A desalination plant project in Swansea is the first public system like it in the state. And it is being built with help from stimulus.
  • A fresh breath of air, with some help from stimulus

    Karena McKinney, an assistant chemistry professor at Amherst College, is determined to make sure we all breathe cleaner air. And a stimulus award is helping her do that.
  • Keeping Taunton kids in Taunton schools, with help from stimulus

    In Taunton, stimulus funds have enabled the district's school system to enhance its special education program, ensuring that more children with special needs can stay in the district and in their communities.
  • Stimulus saves Canton sewers -- and keeps contractor bouyant

    For Al Morteo, vice president of Federated Corp., a construction company, the stimulus program was implemented just in time. His Dedham-based company is currently working on a sewer project in Canton, a $4.2 million project that received stimulus funds.
  • An innovative approach to school, with the help of stimulus

    Gary Maestas, superintendent for the Plymouth school system, is not your typical school superintendent. And with the help of the stimulus funds his school system received, he is able to implement his innovative ideas to help his kids achieve.
  • Of stimulus, weatherization and saving a home

    Bonnie Mealey has struggled with the loss of her husband, a bout with cancer and subsequent financial troubles. The one thing she did not want to lose was her home. Thanks to the stimulus-funded weatherization program, she didn’t.
  • Helping with homework, creating a community

    A Homework Help Center founded with stimulus funds in the middle of a public housing project is helping a community coalesce and reclaim its space.
  • Revitalizing Brockton, block by block, with stimulus' help

    Fredson Gomes grew up in Brockton and always knew he wanted to give back to his community. When he learned that Self Help Inc., an anti-poverty agency received stimulus finds that would enable it to establish a Community Development Corporation in Brockton, Gomes knew that he had found his calling.
  • Green energy jobs: Stimulus leads the way to the future

    The stimulus program re-energized the state's weatherization program. For homeowners, who couldn't afford to insulate their homes and make them more energy efficient, the program has proven to be a godsend. But for people in the construction industry who lost their jobs, the weatherization program was an opportunity to get a job, often with training in the latest in green construction, positioning them for a career that would carry them into the future.
  • Weatherizing homes, building a business

    John Call's contracting company was hit hard by the recession. After over 30 years, he thought he would have to close his business. But then fate - and stimulus - intervened.
  • The ability to get a job -- with a disability -- thanks to stimulus

    Eleven years ago, Jones was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a neuromuscular disease. She had to give up her business but she refused to give up on a job. Thanks to the stimulus-funded on the job training program through the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, she didn't have to.
  • Getting certified to get a job, thanks to stimulus

    When Rebecca Moniz was laid off , she knew exactly where to turn to for help: New Directions Southcoast - The Greater New Bedford Career Center. After all, her husband Christopher had been laid off and thanks to the center's help in finding him a stimulus-funded training course, he now had a full time job.
  • Providing the path to an education, a career and a place to call home

    Two years ago, Krystal McClure was living in a shelter with her then one and a half year-old daughter, and no job, no training and no prospects. Boston ABCD and a stimulus-funded education gave McClure and her daughter the chance to start again.
  • Finding the resources to retrain, with stimulus' help

    For workers like John Hampe, who was with DHL for 15 years before he got laid off, getting a stimulus-funded grant to retrain is a necessary step to getting a new job.
  • Stimulus provides YouthBuild graduate with the chance to give back -- and succeed

    With the help of YouthBuild Fall River, Paul Santos, overcame a rough childhood and now, thanks to its stimulus-funded $100,000 green capacity grant, Santos is a member of its staff.
  • From homeless to hopeful, thanks to a stim-funded job

    A year ago, Andrew Colburn was living out of a garbage bag in a homeless shelter. Today, thanks to the stimulus-funded weatherization program, Colburn has a full time job, an apartment he shares with his wife and a new outlook on life.
  • A second chance provides an opportunity for success

    At 19 years old, Dana Jackson is in the process of completing his GED, working in food service at the Boys & Girls Club and feeling confident about his prospects. A year ago, Jackson’s future didn’t look as bright but a stimulus-funded Second Chances program helped him get back on track.
  • Stimulus-funded youth program helps single mom get a job and a bright future

    Two years ago Adlin Villalba, a single mother, saw no future for herself. Now, thanks to a stim-funded program, she has a permanent full time change and a hopeful outlook for the future.
  • A training program gives new grad a new lease on life

    Michelle Browne always wanted to finish her degree but could never afford it. A stimulus-funded training program gave her the opportunity to do so -- and start a new career.
  • Career center gives laid off manager help and hope

    Marianne Sneizek needed help when she got laid off from K-B Toys after 27 years. BerkshireWorks gave her what she needed - and so much more.
  • Stimulus-funded childcare lets a mom go back to work

    A stimulus-funded childcare placement lets mom Brittany Campbell keep her job after her baby is born.
  • Stimulus provides new hope for renewable energy

    A $19 million stimulus grant is funding a new lab at MIT that will focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • A career for life thanks to stimulus

    Daisy Wolfe always dreamed of going back to school. Thanks to stimulus, she finally did.
  • A stimulus funded job helps others find work

    Sarah Kaplan was laid off and struggling to find a job. A stimulus-funded position now lets her help others get jobs of their own.
  • A Grandmother Gets Her Smile Back

    A stimulus-funded foster grandparent program helps Flossie Parker and helps the kids she loves to take care of.
  • Stimulus gives high school grad a chance at a career

    Bernise Hall graduated from high school with no prospects and no money for college. A Stimulus-funded program gave her the career she was looking for.
  • Stimulus Gives Laid Off Worker a Second Chance

    Laid off in his 50s, Steve Burns didn't think he would be able to get a job. But the Stimulus-funded Fitchburg rail project gave him a second chance at life.
  • Ishmael Salaam: New Hope for the Future

    A stimulus-finded Summer Youth program at the Franklin-Hampshire Career Center gives Izzy Salaam a new outlook on his life.
  • Stimulus Award helps a Health Center with a much-needed expansion

    The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center undergoes a much-needed expansion thanks, in part, to a stimulus award.
  • Recovery Act grant helps more people find work

    A job development grant through the Recovery Act is helping Next Steps help more people.
  • Stimulus award gives police officer a chance

    Stimulus awards help the Lowell Police Department retain 26 police officers.
  • ARRA-funded career center helps a mother get a new job

    Lynne Carmody, a mother of 2, turns to an ARRA-funded career center to get help after she is laid off. Four months later, she is back to work.
  • Recovery Act awards keeps grandmother warm through the winter

    Grandmother Mary Reynolds will stay warm this winter thanks to a weatherization project on her home funded by the Recovery Act.
  • ARRA award to further studies in regenerative medicine

    The Marine Biological Laboratory received $800K in federal stimulus funds as part of an initiative to establish a Center for Regenerative Medicine at the Laboratory. The award will enable the Laboratory to staff the new center and provide them with start up funds.
  • Recovery Act funds save 10-acre waterfront development in Revere

    A $22.7 million award through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has proven to be the key ingredient in reviving a stalled parking lot project near the MBTA station in Revere
  • Recovery Act funding helps Banneker School help its kids

    The $400K American Recovery and Reinvestment Act award the Benjamin Banneker Charter Public School received has helped the school give its students the support they need to succeed.
  • Action gets Recovery Act award

    Action Inc. received $8.5 million in Recovery Act funds for a weatherization project that is anticipated to help about 1,800 low income families achieve greater energy efficiency and lower heating bills.
  • ARRA-funded weatherization work warms up a family's home

    Heather and Neil Wojciak have been living in their house for 25 years. Thanks to weatherization work, it's finally warm.
  • Fall River firefighters rescued by stimulus funds

    The Fall River fire department rehired all 44 of its laid off firefighters, thanks to a $2.8 million Recovery Act award. A second $182K Recovery Act award is providing the department with an overtime budget.