Heather and Neil Wojciak have been living in their house on Washington Street in Gloucester for 25 years but until this year, they never had a winter that they didn't feel cold inside their house.

"We have an old house that is very drafty," says Heather. "We've been cold for 25 years but we love our house. We didn't want to move."

The Wojciaks applied for weatherization assistance through Action, Inc., the Gloucester-based social services organization that received $8.5 million in Recovery Act funds. According to Heather, getting the okay didn't take very long. "People came to the house and we got approved," she says.

The process involved pumping in new insulation, installing a new hot water heater and a new oil tank. The Wojciak's attic was sectioned off to preserve heat in the house and a new thermometer was put in.

"They did so much, it was really amazing," says Heather of the weatherization on

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her house.

For the Wojciaks, the first night in their house after the weatherization work was done was really nice. "It was cozy," says Heather. "I hate being cold and I'm not cold anymore. Having the work done made it possible for us to stay in our home."