Daisy Wolff
Daisy Wolfe has been working since she left high school in Michigan and moved to Massachusetts. She got a job then at a supermarket chain and worked her way up to become a buyer of nutrition supplements.

Wolfe, who is 30, thought she was all set but two years ago, she was laid off. "The economy tanked and everyone was losing jobs," she says. "Everyone was scrambling."

Wolfe went to a resume writing class at Career Source in Cambridge and looking at her work history prompted some thoughts. "I'm looking at my resume and I thought, what am I doing?" she says.

Wolfe says she has always wanted to go to school to train to be a massage

Stacy Fatale
therapist but could never afford it. She called a program that trains massage therapists and discovered that the orientation started the next day. Immediately, Wolfe began working with Stacy Fatale at Employment and Training Resources to see if she qualified for financial aid for the tuition. Thanks to a recent stimulus award that the career center received, she did.

"My tuition for massage school was covered," says Wolfe. "I was able to stay in school and not worry about the money."

Newton Career Center
As graduation approaches, Wolfe is in the process of interviewing for jobs. The market for massage therapists, she says, is a growing one. She is excited about her prospects, especially because this is something she has always dreamed of achieving.

"I always wanted to go to school but I could never afford it," she says. "When this opportunity came my prayers were answered. This is what I want to do for my life. It's nice to feel that I have more than a GED. I can have a career."