Russel Kososky, Joe Kerigan and Randy Moquin
The stimulus program reenergized the state's weatherization program. In the year before stimulus, the weatherization program was at $12 million. The stimulus program injected $122 million into the program over three years. For homeowners, who couldn't afford to insulate their homes and make them more energy efficient, the program has proven to be a godsend.

But for people in the construction industry who lost their jobs, the weatherization program was an opportunity to get a job, often with training in the latest in green construction, positioning them for a career that would carry them into the future.

Joe Kerigan talking to Jeffrey Simon

At Springfield Partners for Community Action, the $8.3 million the anti-poverty agency received for its weatherization program meant it nearly quadrupled the amount of work that was being done. It also meant that they needed to hire six more people.

Stimulus in Action: Weatherization in MA

  • Weatherization program in MA: $122.1 million

  • 4,000 homes weatherized in MA from September 2009 through May 2010

  • 25 new weatherization contracting companies formed

  • Over 150 weatherization contractors kept busy

  • 300 jobs created/retained*

  • *Number based on 2nd Quarter Report (April to June, 2010)

One of those was Russel Rososky, who had been an enrolment supervisor at Square One, a childcare center, for five years before he was laid off. Rososky had been looking for work for five months before he heard of a part time opening in Springfield Partners.

Russel Kososky
As soon as the opportunity opened up in the weatherization program, he took it. He received training and is now the utility program coordinator.

"This means everything to me," he said.

Randy Moquin shares those sentiments. He was the director of maintenance at Six Flags for six years before he was laid off. After spending months going to the unemployment office, he heard about the stimulus-funded green jobs training program. He jumped at the opportunity and upon completion of the course he met Joe Kerigan, the director of Springfield Partner's weatherization program, who offered him the position of energy auditor.

"The training in-house is huge," he said. "I have a great new career now."

Springfield Partners for Community Action: Weatherization and Stimulus

  • $8.3 million

  • Hired 6 new employees

  • On target to weatherize 2,000 homes

Ironically, Kerigan, is also a new hire. He had been laid off from his position as building superintendent and quality control manager for the Navy and had been looking for a new

Springfield Partners for Community Action
job for over a year. When he got the call, offering him this job, he jumped at it.

"We were doing 213 homes a year before the Recovery Act," he said. "Now we are on record to do 1,000 this year."