Juana Rodriguez
When it used to rain in Dorchester, Juana Rodriguez would have to put buckets all around her house to catch the drops of water that would seep through her broken roof.

"I had major leaks," said Rodriguez.

That all changed once Rodriguez called Action for Boston Community Development (Boston ABCD), an anti poverty agency that services low income people in the Greater Boston area. The agency had received $10 million for its weatherization program through the stimulus program and was able to greatly expand the number of people it could help.

Recovery Act Impact: Boston ABCD Weatherization

  • Total stimulus funding: $10 million

  • Ability to weatherize 1,800 homes

  • Services include insulation, air sealing and heating upgrades

  • Residents save an average of 30% on their fuel bills

Omar Vasquez, an energy auditor for the agency, came out to check on Rodriguez's house and realized the situation was bad. "One of my guys almost fell through the roof," he said. "That's how bad it was."

In addition to fixing Rodriguez's roof, Boston ABCD's weatherization program was able to get Rodriguez a new heating system, new doors and put insulation in her walls. "She will save a lot of money now," said Vasquez.

For Rodriguez, a widow, the cost savings are significant - most clients who

Juana Rodriguez and Omar Vasquez
received weatherization upgrades through Boston ABCD save up to 35% on their heating bills. But because she is a foster mother, with three teenagers currently living as foster children in her house, having the house be a comfortable home is crucial.

"For my foster kids this is home," she said. "My house is a lot more comfortable. The stimulus money let me get ahead and help my kids. I was always worried when it rained that the roof would cave in. The stimulus money was a good investment for me and for the whole community."