Marie Maxey
For those caring for children and seniors, Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House is a lifeline. From its adult day health program to its infant toddler program to its children's center and afterschool program, the center ensures that caregivers can keep their jobs while their children and parents are being cared for.

Recovery Act Impact: Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House

  • Stimulus grant: $54,336

  • Childcare vouchers for working parents

  • Staff training and materials

  • Enhanced services to children with special needs

  • Improved quality rating for program

For working parents of school age children, the summer season presents a unique challenge. That is why the day care center's stimulus grant of $54,336 was so vital - it provided low income working parents with vouchers so their children could attend Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House's summer program and they could keep their jobs.

"I don't know what families would do without those vouchers," said Marie Maxey, School-Age Program Director for Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House.

The stimulus funding also enabled the program to provide its staff with training and materials in specialized feeding, inclusion, conflict resolution and cultural

Ellis Memorial & Eldredge House
understanding. "This helped us to work with kids with specialized needs," said Maxey. Currently 15 of the 49 children enrolled in the program are on Individualized Education Programs.

According to Maxey, the training also enabled the program to move up in its Quality Rating and Improvement System, the state's early childhood and education assessment tool. "We wouldn't have been able to afford the training without the ARRA grant," said Maxey.

The quality of the program is crucial to Maxey, her staff, the children and their parents. "We definitely run a program children enjoy," said Maxey.