Energy and Environment

ARRA is supporting our efforts to remain a national leader in clean and renewable energy. We are increasing renewable energy usage, including updating our practices at water treatment plants and other public buildings, as well as providing rebates to private companies for commercial solar installations.

High Performance Buildings

Stimulus funds totaling $16.25 million have made possible 11 cutting-edge high-performance building projects across the state that are demonstrating dramatic improvements in building energy performance, furthering Massachusetts' position as a hub for innovations on high-performance buildings, and providing additional work to many in the building trades.

Energy & Environment Highlights Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

Through the Commonwealth Solar Stimulus program, $8 million in ARRA funds have made possible over 100 additional solar projects around the state. Each project allowed a small business, school, or other organization to power their buildings with clean solar energy, while expanding work for the many Massachusetts companies and installers in the growing clean energy industry.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants have provided $12 million in stimulus funds for 93 energy projects in communities across the state, improving building energy performance and generating clean solar energy, creating local jobs, and building on the successes of the partnership established by Governor Patrick and the Legislature with communities as reflected in the Green Communities Act of 2008.

An additional $10 million in stimulus funds for the Leading by Example program have made possible implementation of a nation-leading "enterprise energy management system" at 17 million square feet of public building space on higher education campuses and in state agencies across the Commonwealth. The system will help monitor real-time energy use and identify various kinds of energy waste, paying for itself over time through the savings. Just in the past quarter, 84 people worked on this project.

Clean and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds

Across the Commonwealth, 110 projects - which include sewage treatment plans, water storage tanks, and other water systems - are all under contract and 94% are in construction. Massachusetts has leveraged $178 million in ARRA funding to finance over $700 million in construction contracts, the most waterworks construction of any state in the nation. Included are 4.1 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity - enough to power the equivalent of over 650 homes - being installed at 12 drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities, the largest single solar procurement in the Commonwealth's history. Solar arrays are now operational in Ashland, Easton, Falmouth, Townsend, and on MWRA's Deer Island.

solar panels on a roof in Chelmsford Conserving the Environment

Construction of a secure dock for the Environmental Police at the New Bedford State Pier is under contract, wildfire prevention is underway in more than 500 acres of forest in Southeast Massachusetts, and the Worcester-area neighborhoods affected by the Asian Longhorned Beetle are being restored, with 300 shade trees planted last spring and more than 700 trees planted this fall.