Governor Patrick has made transparency a top priority in the Commonwealth's handling of the stimulus funds. The Commonwealth's transparency website,, is frequently updated with real time information about how stimulus dollars are being spent in Massachusetts. In an effort to increase the level of transparency available to Massachusetts residents, the Governor has required all state agencies receiving stimulus funds to report transparency data that goes beyond what is required by the federal government.

Before the first stimulus dollar arrived in Massachusetts, Governor Patrick made it clear that there would be a higher standard of transparency and accountability applied to the handling of stimulus funds. To that end, he created the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office (MassRRO), which has been tasked with coordinating the Commonwealth's ARRA efforts. The MassRRO has worked closely with executive branch agencies, resulting in a high level of cooperation and transparency.

The Joint Committee on Federal Stimulus Oversight also plays a crucial role in the oversight of recovery funding. Through hearings and testimony the Committee provides an additional level of accountability and transparency to the process.

The MassRRO also works closely with the STOP Fraud Task Force - a group of representatives from state and federal oversight agencies created by the Massachusetts Attorney General. Through the STOP Fraud Task Force, stimulus oversight activities are being coordinated at both the state and federal level to ensure the broadest possible coverage. At the same time, the Governor has also made the prevention of fraud waste and abuse a top priority. Agencies responsible for handling stimulus funds are receiving guidance on how to improve their fraud, waste and abuse prevention efforts in the face of unprecedented scrutiny. Additionally, work is being undertaken to spread awareness of existing fraud, waste and abuse reporting mechanisms, including state and federal hotlines and through online reporting available at