Total Awarded to Date:

$38 Million

Total Expended to Date:

$12.6 Million

Total Committed or Under Contract:

$15.8 Million

Stimulus funds have allowed Massachusetts to avoid significant cuts in critical

Picture of firefighters
areas of public safety while also allowing important programs to be funded. As a result of stimulus funding, positions across 13 public safety agencies, including state police officers, correctional officers, and parole officers have been retained. Approximately $13.5 Million of ARRA funding was utilized to address a portion of the FY2009 budget shortfall. These funds helped maintain funding for over 700 public safety positions across 13 agencies.

One major source of stimulus funding for public safety has come in the form of Byrne Justice Assistance Grants, of which Massachusetts has been awarded $25,044,649. Approximately $3.1 Million of this amount has been allocated to Executive Labor and Workforce Development to be awarded to local organizations for the purpose of youth employment. An additional $5.9 Million will be awarded to municipal police departments for the retention of sworn police officers. Approximately 125 departments have already applied for this funding, which will supplement direct federal stimulus funding to municipal police departments of $44.6 Million.

The Commonwealth also plans to execute contracts for eight energy efficiency projects totaling $9,416,000 that have been funded by the National Guard Bureau. These projects will upgrade building systems and increase energy efficiency. Upgrades will include: new windows, insulated siding, repointing and sealing of building envelope, replacement of boilers, and upgrades to HVAC systems.

Moving forward, the Commonwealth will be awarding $20.4 Million for municipal fire departments. Governor Patrick has already announced $8 Million to 13 departments to rehire 127 laid off firefighters.