Workforce ProgramsUnemployment Ins.*

Total Awarded to Date:

$64.2 Million$567.3 Million

Total Expended to Date:

$19.4 Million$151.9 Million

Total Committed or Under Contract:

$42.8 Million

Note: The above amounts reflect the total ARRA funding to Labor and Workforce Development for workforce programs, unemployment benefits and administrative costs.
* Unemployment Insurance programs are not reportable under section 1512.

Our goal in Massachusetts is to make sure stimulus pays off not just this year but for decades to come with jobs for today and jobs for tomorrow.

Workforce Programs

Massachusetts will invest over $64 Million in Recovery funds for formula grants to

Picture of workers
the 16 workforce regions. An additional $3 Million in Recovery funds will support work experience opportunities for at-risk youth and young adults this fall.
As of September 30, 2009 Recovery funds have made it possible for the Commonwealth's 16 workforce regions and the 37 One-Stop Career Centers to provide services to 45,250 individuals. These services include job counseling, job search assistance, skill assessment, intensive case management, and for eligible individuals, free education and training activities.

Unemployment Benefits and Administration

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development (EOLWD) estimates that $500 Million in Recovery funds will come to Massachusetts claimants from the $25 per week increase in benefit payments to unemployment claimants. (This includes estimates of $100 Million for FY09 and $400 Million for FY10.) This funding is received through reimbursements after claims have been made. Since February 22, 2009, 427,347 persons have benefited from the additional unemployment compensation. ARRA has also extended the qualifying time for the existing federal UI extensions. This allowed 135,985 persons to collect federal extended benefits in 2009 who would have not otherwise qualified.

Over $162 Million in Recovery funds will bolster the Commonwealth's Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, the state-level fund that covers unemployment payments. The Commonwealth has qualified for the first third of these funds ($54 Million) and completed the regulatory changes necessary to receive the remaining two-thirds. We are awaiting approval by United States Department of Labor Secretary Hilda Solis for the release of those funds, and expect receipt of this $108 Million into the Commonwealth's UI Trust Fund before the end of CY09.

The Commonwealth has also received $11.6 Million in Recovery funds to support technology upgrades to our Unemployment Compensation system.

Jobs created or retained with Recovery funds for the quarter ending September 30, 2009 include:

  • The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) ARRA Youth Summer Jobs Program supported 6,908 youth in subsidized employment placements this summer. (Note: When combined with the Commonwealth's funds supporting 4,069 summer YouthWorks placements, the total number of youths participating in summer employment opportunities as of September 30, 2009 was 10,977.)
  • Recovery funds support increased staffing at the Commonwealth's 37 One-Stop Career Centers to provide enhanced services to unemployed and regular job seekers and employers.