Governor Patrick continues to make transparency and accountability top priorities in the Commonwealth's handling of the stimulus funds. The Commonwealth's transparency website,, has been significantly updated and now contains a clickable map that provides real time information about how stimulus dollars are being spent in Massachusetts at the city and town level. The site also continues to provide citizens with news and updates on a variety of stimulus projects and programs that are ongoing throughout the state.

The Massachusetts Recovery website was recently ranked by Good Jobs First, a national independent organization, to be in the top 10 in the United States.

In the area of accountability, the Governor has also made the prevention of fraud waste and abuse a major focus. Agencies responsible for handling stimulus funds attended a mandatory training on November 13, 2009, on how to improve their fraud, waste and abuse prevention efforts. Along with being provided with a fraud, waste and abuse prevention toolkit, agencies were made aware of existing fraud, waste and abuse reporting mechanisms, including state and federal hotlines and the online reporting available at This training, and the information that it provided, was the result of unprecedented cooperation between the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office (MassRRO), Attorney General, Inspector General and the Comptroller.

Over the past several months the MassRRO has continued its work with the STOP Fraud Task Force - a group of representatives from state and federal oversight agencies created by the Massachusetts Attorney General. Through the STOP Fraud Task Force, stimulus oversight activities are being coordinated at both the state and federal level to ensure the broadest possible coverage. In recent months several members of the task force, including the Massachusetts Inspector General and the State Auditor, have begun proactive oversight of stimulus projects in the Commonwealth. This oversight is designed to ensure that every stimulus dollar is being spent appropriately and in accordance with all state and federal requirements.

The Commonwealth is also proud of its ongoing work with the Government Accountability Office (GAO). Massachusetts is one of 16 states that have been selected for quarterly reviews by the GAO. These reviews run the spectrum of ARRA projects and programs and will continue throughout the life of the stimulus program. The information gathered by the GAO is being compiled into quarterly reports that are submitted to Congress and made available to the public. These reports provide yet another layer of transparency and accountability to the spending of stimulus dollars.

Created January 29, 2010. Information provided by the Recovery & Reinvestment Office.