Twitter is a free social networking web site that allows users to send and read other users' updates of up to 140 characters in length. While people use Twitter in many different ways for both personal and professional reasons, we are using Twitter as another way to keep citizens informed about what we're doing and to get feedback.

Follow Massachusetts Recovery on Twitter at

Please note:

  • We follow back many of those who follow MassRecovery--this does not imply endorsement (or lack thereof). If you'd rather we not follow you, send us a direct message and we'll be happy to comply.
  • The account is maintained and monitored by multiple individuals in the Office of Infrastructure Investment.
  • We use Twitter to help you find answers to questions and navigate the information we are publishing. While we try to respond to questions on Twitter as much as possible, if you have a question, concern or comment, you may still want to contact the Recovery office directly (especially if what you have to say requires more than 140 characters!).
  • Unless you protect your updates, messages you post on Twitter are public. Please DO NOT include personally-identifiable information in your Tweets unless you intend the information about yourself to become public.
  • We occasionally search for 'tweets' that talk about Federal Stimulus, ARRA, and economic recovery. We may 'retweet,' '@reply,' or follow other users. We're not trying to stalk anyone. We just want to let as many people as possible know that we're listening and looking for opportunities to engage.
  • We will occasionally post links to non-governmental content that we find interesting when we 'retweet.' This does not imply the the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has researched or validated the external content or endorses the opinions expressed there in any way.

Please feel free to contact us (via Twitter or otherwise) with your comments and suggestions about our use of Twitter or if you have questions or concerns.