• Preserving -- and improving -- public housing, with help from stimulus

    The Cambridge Housing Authority has been planning for much-needed changes for years. The Authority wanted to preserve its public housing and make the complexes more energy efficient but finding the necessary funding was a challenge. That is, until the stimulus program came along.

  • Helping researchers help those who need it most

    McLean Hospital has been helping people with their mental health issues for 200 years. Its reputation is nationally and internationally known as much for its patient services as for its research. The Recovery Act played a big role in ensuring that that crucial research continued by providing funding to 14 research important projects.

  • A cheaper, longer lasting battery - with help from stimulus

    Cambridge-based Pellion Technologies thinks that they have figured out how to build a cheaper, longer lasting battery by developing batteries from magnesium ion instead of the current lithium ion. Thanks to a stimulus grant they are able to pursue this vision.

  • Saving power, helping utilities

    The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research on utilities to help the utility industry conserve power. That is why its work is so crucial and its stimulus award is too: It is funding a research project at EPRI’s Lenox facility exploring ways to enable more power in existing transmission lines, which would limit the need for building new transmission lines. 

  • Providing green training, a career and a future

    The Plumber Union's Education Fund received stimulus funds to train its members for careers in the energy efficiency and renewable energy industries as well as other green industries.To that end, the union is providing members with classes in in how to install and service the newest energy efficient systems.

  • Stimulus works: Going green, saving money

    The town of Lee was one of 14 across the state to be part of a pilot program through the Recovery Act to upgrade its drinking water and wastewater facilities. Lee received $800K in stimulus funds, which enabled the town to enhance its energy efficiency at its plant and realize significant cost savings.

  • Providing an education, creating a workforce - with help from stimulus

    One of the consequences of the recession for Berkshire Community College (BCC) is that state appropriations were reduced. At BCC, that problem was compounded by the fact that at the same time, enrollment was increasing, dramatically. Fortunately, the stimulus program was enacted at just the right time to help this institution of higher learning continue to provide an education.
  • Improving medical education, resident training and -- most importantly -- patient care

    A stimulus award was used to purchase equipment to support training by Berkshire Area Health Education Center at Berkshire Medical Center, improving its medical education as well as patient care. The funds enabled BMC to upgrade its audio-visual components, projectors and sound systems and implement remote applications. It also provided BMC with digital radiography equipment for its dental center.

  • Patrick-Murray Administration celebrates 10,000 homes weatherized through Recovery Act

    The stimulus-funded Weatherization Assistance Program celebrates 10,000 homes weatherized. The Program is on track to weatherize 20,000 homes. across Massachusetts
  • Saving energy and lowering bills, with help from the sun and stimulus

    Energy bills at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth are about to go down – and it is a stimulus grant that is helping those bills go in that direction. The university is using stimulus funds to install solar panels on five of its buildings. The solar panels total 269 kilowatts and included in the installation is a connection to a web-based system that demonstrates, in real time, the benefits of the solar system.
  • Searching for a cure, with the help of stimulus

    The University of Massachusetts Medical School received $61 million in stimulus grants for its research efforts and, according to John Sullivan, Vice Provost for Research at the Medical School, the funding "had a big impact on our enterprise."
  • Providing peace and empowerment -- and now, sustainability

    The United Teen Equality Center in Lowell started construction on a deep energy retrofit that is projected to reduce energy consumption by 68%. The expansion and renovation of the youth center aims to turn the historic building into a LEED Platinum certified green building.
  • Stimulus works: Building a new interchange, providing access in the South coast

    A new biotechnology park that will straddle the border of Fall River and Freetown is being developed, and it is a stimulus-funded road project that is essential to making this unique and ambitious project happen.
  • For Wareham, affordable housing when it needs it most

    The Village at 815 Main Street is an affordable housing project in Wareham that almost didn't get built. That is, until the stimulus -funded tax credit exchange program came along and closed the financing gap on this much-needed project.
  • Connecting parks, linking neighborhoods

    The concept of connecting East Cambridge to City Square in Charlestown along the Charles River waterfront isn't a new one. The project, to build a bicycle and pedestrian bridge, an underbridge plaza and expand North Point Park, was designed and ready to be built in 2007. But when it went out to bid, the funds were not there to make it work. Two years later, thanks to the Recovery Act, the project is underway.
  • Stimulus-funded solar arrays at five DOC sites come online

    Five stimulus-funded solar photovoltaic (PV) installations came online this week at Department of Corrections' (DOC) sites throughout the state and are now producing clean, homegrown, renewable electricity for on-campus use. Stimulus funds of just over $2 million were used to implement these projects.
  • Investing in green energy, a cleaner future and a growing company

    For many small, green energy companies, Recovery Act funding has come to mean the difference between ensuring that their innovative green technology makes it out to the marketplace or not. Machflow Energy Inc. is one of those companies and its Recovery Act awards are helping this small Worcester-based firm translate its technology into a practical, environmentally friendly use.
  • Recovery projects for drinking water among the most effective

    In Massachusetts, stimulus is funding $770 million worth of energy efficiency upgrades to 110 clean and drinking water projects and the energy savings average, according to many plant managers' estimates, about 35 to 50 percent. Pittsfield's waste water treatment plant is one such example. The plant received a total of $16 million in stimulus grants which will enable the plant's first major upgrades in nearly 40 years and the projects could result in an average energy reduction of approximately 75 percent.
  • Stimulus-funded projects energize the solar industry

    A little over three years ago, Nexamp, a clean energy company, had three employees and a lot of interest in making its mark on the solar industry in Massachusetts. Today, Nexamp has 70 employees thanks in large part to a stimulus-funded contract the company won in partnership with Taunton-based Florence Electric to install 13 solar array projects across the state at public water and wastewater treatment facilities totaling 4.1 MegaWatts of solar installation.
  • Giving Fall River youth opportunity and hope

    For teens raised in poverty, it is difficult to find opportunity -- or hope. YouthBuild, a national job training youth development program, aims to address that by targeting those kids and providing them with education, hands-on training and informal counseling and mentoring. To that end, YouthBuild programs in Massachusetts received $2.1 million in stimulus awards, benefitting 300 youth. For YouthBuild Fall River, its stimulus award is enabling the agency to enroll two classes of kids – all of whom have dropped out of high school.
  • Keeping firefighters -- and New Bedford -- safe

    For MA Fire Commissioner Steven Coan, the training of firefighters is of paramount importance and the Fire Services' Massachusetts Firefighting Academy is a crucial element of the state's effort to fight fire. That is why the stimulus-funded training program that was provided to New Bedford firefighters was so significant to Coan. It was also significant to New Bedford's fire department and to the citizens it keeps safe.
  • For the very youngest in Lynn, an opportunity to thrive

    Lynn Economic Opportunity is an anti poverty agency that provides services to those in the city of Lynn who need it most. Now, with the help of stimulus funds, it can help its youngest citizens thrive.
  • Paving the way to Somerville's revitalization

    Assembly Square in Somerville is being revitalized and the stimulus program is playing a key part in this process. A stimulus grant is funding the construction of Assembly Square Drive, the road that winds through a planned 70-acre development and is the main thoroughfare of the $350 million neighborhood project.
  • Helping a town, one road at a time

    Right in the middle of the town of Lenox is the start of a road that leads straight through the heart of the Berkshires. Travel here, especially in the summer, is extremely heavy but the narrow roads were in terrible shape. Stimulus awards are providing much-needed reconstruction, restoration and improvements to the pavement, drainage and sidewalks here.
  • An international company remains, and grows, in a small Berkshires town

    The new headquarters of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, an international developer of cosmetics will be in Great Barrington. The company was determined to remain here and thanks to a $4.6 million stimulus-funded Recovery Zone Facility Bond, along with other financing, Iredale Cosmetics is staying and growing in this small Berkshires town.
  • A city embraces energy efficiency - with help from stimulus

    The city of Pittsfield is determined to become a model of energy efficiency - and it is the stimulus program that is helping them do it.A $7.3 million stimulus award enabled a massive solar project to get built at the city's wastewater treatment plant and that in combination with other stimulus-funded energy efficiency projects will ultimately cover over 75 percent of the plant's energy demands.
  • Revitalizing Revere, from Wonderland to the shore

    Revere Mayor Tom Ambrosino has been trying to develop the Revere waterfront - and revitalize this beachside town - for over a decade. But in order to get a development project going on beachfront property near the Wonderland T station, a parking garage needed to be built at the T station. But bridging the funding gap to get the garage built was impossible - until the stimulus program came along.
  • Helping crime victims when they need it most

    The Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance (MOVA) was created to advocate for and help victims of crime. A stimulus award of $930,000 is helping this office do that more effectively by enabling MOVA to maintain or develop six programs across the state to provide free support, resources and advocacy for crime victims.
  • Staying warm and saving money, with help from stimulus

    The residents of Dedham Housing Authority's family developments were warmer this winter thanks to new, stimulus-funded furnaces and boilers. They also anticipate saving money. The new equipment is high efficiency and is much more cost effective for the tenants.
  • Energy efficiency, with a little help from the sun -- and stimulus

    The Recovery Act has provided approximately $32 million for solar projects across the state, and has essentially revived the solar industry in Massachusetts. This is in evident in the town of Milton which received $371K in stimulus funds, enabling the town to install three solar projects on its schools and its town hall.
  • Staying warm, with help from stimulus

    For many of the people living in affordable housing projects managed by the Brockton Housing Authority, winters were getting cold. Their furnaces and boilers were starting to show their age. But a stimulus award changed all that.
  • Helping the very youngest in need - and their families, thanks to stimulus

    At Brockton Area Multi Services Inc, the Early Intervention (EI) program is not just providing at-risk childrenwith services for the full range of developmental issues; they are also teaching the families how to help their children thrive. A series of stimulus grants is helping this EI program help even more kids in the Greater Brockton area.
  • A hands on -- and green -- approach to weatherization training, thanks to stimulus

    At Community Colleges across the state students from all walks of life can now learn the latest in weatherization techniques in the most effective way: hands on. And it is a $1 million stimulus award that made that possible.
  • Saved by stimulus: An affordable housing project for seniors gets built in Marshfield

    Oceans Shores Apartments is a senior affordable housing project in Marshfield that provides 97 units of housing to low income seniors. It almost didn't get built. But the stimulus-funded tax credit exchange program stepped in and provided the project with the crucial funding it needed.
  • A weatherization program continues to help, thanks to stimulus funds

    Before the Recovery Act was enacted in February 2009, the Action for Boston Community Development, an anti poverty agency, was weatherizing about 100 homes a year. Thanks to $10 million in stimulus funding, the agency will weatherize 1,800 homes over the three-year period of the grant.
  • Helping researchers today solve the problems of tomorrow

    For researchers at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, a series of stimulus grants have ensured that scientists at the university can continue to conduct the research that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of how to treat disease, utilize technology and help our ecosystem thrive.
  • Sustaining the planet, a stimulus award at a time

    The Office of Campus and Community Sustainability at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth wants to provide a practical work set for sustainability. Thanks to a stimulus funded grant that is enabling them to develop an online course in sustainability studies, they can.
  • Fighting crime in Fitchburg, with the help of stimulus

    For the Fitchburg Police Department, the economic downturn two years ago meant that police officers would have to be laid off. But thanks to stimulus grants the department was able to retain officers, acquire new equipment and hire a crime analyst which is partly credited with the city's reduction in crime over the past two years.
  • Providing access to healthcare, even for the homeless

    The staff at Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program believe that just because someone is homeless doesn't mean they shouldn't have access to quality health care. Two stimulus grants are helping these dedicated medical professionals do that.
  • A second chance for older job seekers

    Being unemployed is difficult; being unemployed and over 45 is even harder. Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston recognizes this harsh reality and provides employment and training opportunities specifically to those who need it in this age group. Now, thanks to stimulus funding, ABLE can provide additional training opportunities to help older job seekers.
  • Providing the ability to have a place to call home

    Having a place to call home is something no child should have to yearn for -- but many do.At the Metropolitan Boston Housing Partnership, they are all too aware of this harsh reality. The non profit agency helps low and moderate income people with access to affordable housing in the Greater Boston area and its $4.5 million in stimulus grants could not have come at a better time.
  • Providing housing -- and opportunities -- in Lunenburg

    Providing people with homes they can afford is one of the most vital and significant elements of the stimulus program. Under two of the stimulus program's housing initiatives1,635 affordable housing units have been built across the state. Sixty of those units are in Tri-Town Landing in Lunenburg. The project was in planning since 2003 but a stimulus grant is what finally enabled this project to be built.
  • Stimulus in action: Lancaster goes green

    The town of Lancaster is going green and it is a stimulus grant that started it all. Lancaster received a stimulus-funded Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant of $80K which was used for the installation of energy efficient heating systems and upgrades in town buildings and motivated the town to pursue a green community designation.
  • Helping Hardwick: A town's infrastructure gets a stimulus boost

    The town of Hardwick has come a long way since its days as a hub of mill activity but much of its infrastructure is a sharp reminder that the area was built to accommodate that industry. To that end, the town has undertaken a number of crucial projects to improve its water connections, its sewer lines and its roads and it is the stimulus program that has ensured that these projects get done.
  • A well-traveled bridge gets a much-needed upgrade

    The Coldbrook Road Bridge in Oakham which spans Muddy Pond Brook is the most direct way for area residents to get to Worcester and experiences heavy commuter traffic. But the bridge was built in 1938 and recently it was starting to show its age. Thankfully, a stimulus award ensured that it was repaired.
  • The eyes have it: Ensuring vision health, with help from stimulus

    Vista Scientific has developed a device that can deliver medications for an extended period of time through a lens inserted in the eye. The device has implications for the treatment of glaucoma as well as nearly all eye infections and diseases -- and a stimulus grant is helping the company get it developed.
  • Paving the way to a safer drive

    Across the state, stimulus has invested nearly $400 million in road projects that impact drivers in every county by providing safer, more drivable and better looking thoroughfares that will last for years to come. Nearly $40 million in stimulus funds are being spent in Worcester County.
  • Helping the Milford Police keep the peace

    Where public safety is concerned, communication is of paramount importance. The Milford police department struggled for years with an antiquated communications system until stimulus helped the force implement a new system that is keeping everyone safer.
  • Stopping wildfires -- before they start

    Preventing a wildfire from burning out of control is actually possible - prior to the fire. That is why the Southeast Mass Hazardous Fuels Mitigation and Ecosystem Restoration project that was developed with a $1.97 million stimulus grant is so vital.
  • Providing a voice, and a skill, to the visually impaired

    For the visually impaired, the Talking Information Center, a radio reading service developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind (MCB), is invaluable. Thanks to stimulus funding, this program is becoming even more of a resource with the launching of a job training program in which students receive hands-on training in MCB’s radio studios.
  • Brockton's water facilities look to the future, thanks to stimulus

    Brockton's aging wastewater treatment plant and sewer system recently received a major upgrade and stimulus funds helped make it happen.
  • Learning to read and succeed, with stimulus' help

    The Plymouth School System was experiencing increasing numbers of students requiring special education services. With its stimulus awards, the school system saw an opportunity to reverse that trend.
  • A charter school gets innovative, with the help of stimulus

    The Atlantis Charter School wants to help each of its 744 children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade learn to the best of their ability. The school is using its three stimulus awards to help it reach that goal.
  • Spotlight on New Bedford: Stimulus helps a city stay afloat

    Like any city or town across the Commonwealth, New Bedford has had to contend with the recent recession and budget cuts while struggling to maintain the level of services its citizens need and deserve. Stimulus is helping the town when it needs it most.
  • Keeping poverty at bay, and hope alive, on the North Shore

    It is the anti poverty agencies across the state that are keeping countless people afloat during this rough economic period, offering services, training and, above all, support. North Shore Community Action Programs is no exception and its stimulus funding was put to good use.
  • The fight against poverty in the Fitchburg area gets a stimulus boost

    The Montachusett Opportunity Council is an anti poverty agency that serves Fitchburg, Leominster, Gardner and surrounding towns and cities. Last summer the agency received a total of $5.2 million in Recovery Act funds which it used to to maintain and start many programs, hire new staff and provide more clients with assistance.
  • Healthcare and much more, in the heart of Brockton

    Community Health Centers are the lifeblood of every community that has one and the Brockton Neighborhood Health Center is no exception. The center offers a range of services and has become a vibrant health care attraction in the heart of downtown Brockton. Its recent phenomenal growth could not be accommodated unless they could expand and the stimulus awards it received enabled it to do just that.
  • Partnering to provide opportunity, in Springfield

    When Springfield Partners for Community Action received its stimulus awards they wanted to make sure they used the funds in the most effective way possible. They did - with six local social service partners who have been able to help Springfield Partners use the stimulus funds to expand their services, hire staff and develop programs to help their clients - Springfield's most neediest - get back on their feet.
  • Disabled but not dismissed: MRC, thanks to stimulus, helps its clients get jobs

    Getting a job can be difficult but getting a job while living with a disability is even more of a struggle. The Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission is determined to make it less so - and thanks to the Recovery Act, it is able to do just that.
  • The business of getting jobs: A career center gets help from stimulus

    In recessionary times, it is the career centers that many people turn to for help. This recession is no different and that is why New Directions Southcoast, which operates the Greater New Bedford Career Center, as well as the Wareham Career Center was thrilled to get stimulus funds to not only ensure that the centers could service as many people as possible but that they could also innovate and create new programs to help its clients with its ultimate goal: get a job.
  • For working parents, child care info a phone call away

    United Way of Tri County is using its stimulus award to help the state's Department of Early Education and Care improve their phone communications and ensure that parents are getting the information on child care that they need. The non-profit agency is using its Mass211 call center to do it
  • Easing the nursing shortage, a stimulus-funded scholarship at a time

    For Regis College, the tuition relief that stimulus provided for its nursing students is not only a huge help to those individuals but also incredibly significant to the nursing sector.
  • Stimulus energizes Ashland

    For the town of Ashland, energy efficiency is no longer just a buzz word: its stimulus-funded grant has enabled the town to utilize solar energy and upgrade its water pumps at its water treatment facility.
  • Giving Fall River youth opportunity and hope

    For teens raised in poverty, it is difficult to find opportunity -- or hope. YouthBuild Fall River is addressing this with the help of a $1.1 million stimulus grant that is enabling the agency in this South coast city to provide youth with education, training and support.
  • A mission to get every client a job

    At CareerWorks in Brockton the recession is being felt - and fought. Thanks to its $1.2 million in stimulus awards the career center is getting significant help in its battle to get its clients jobs.
  • YouthWorks puts teens to work and back in school

    For troubled teenagers struggling to make it through high school -- and through life -- the danger of not graduating, or worse, is real. At Whitman-Hansen Regional High School, teacher Brian Scully runs a stimulus-funded YouthWorks program that gives these teens not only real world job skills but also provides them with the opportunity to catch up on their school courses.
  • Learning English, getting jobs, with a little help from stimulus

    Amy Lima, director of the East Boston Area Planning Action Council, always wanted to develop an English for Speakers of Other Languages class with a focus on employment. Now, with the help of stimulus, she did.
  • A place to heal and to call home gets help from stimulus

    The Pilot House is a homeless shelter and therapeutic program for people who have been chronically homeless and struggle with addiction. The program received a stimulus award which it used to hire an employment, training and education case manager. That, says many of the House's residents, has made all the difference.
  • Changing lives on the Cape, one stimulus award at a time

    The Community Action Committee of Cape Cod & Islands is an anti-poverty agency that helps the people in its region in a myriad of ways -- from child care to homelessness prevention to financial literacy to emergency food and clothing. Its stimulus award could not have been more needed, or put to better use.
  • Stimulus up close: MassRRO Director Jeffrey Simon onsite in Barnstable

    Jeffrey Simon, Director of the Massachusetts Recovery and Reinvestment Office, took a trip to the town of Barnstable to see the impact stimulus funds have had on their public works projects, on the town and on its citizens.
  • East Boston neighborhood health center breaks ground on new stimulus funded facility

    The East Boston Neighborhood Health Center broke ground on its new $20.7 million facility. This is the first stimulus-funded health center project in the country to begin construction.
  • Stimulus-funded green energy training program will get houses warm and people working

    The South Middlesex Opportunity Council received a stimulus grant from to develop and implement a "green jobs" training program that will help nearly 200 unemployed people over the next three years get jobs.
  • Recovery puts the music back in students' lives

    The Handel and Haydn Society's Vocal Apprenticeship Program was in trouble until a stimulus award enabled it to continue providing public school students with voice instruction.
  • Dorchester Center gets stimulus help in the fight against poverty

    The Dorchester Neighborhood Service Centers was able to hire six additional staff members and open a satellite office thanks to stimulus funds. Now it can more effectively help its clients succeed.
  • Stimulus up close: MassRRO director Jeffrey Simon onsite in Western Mass

    MassRRO director Jeffrey Simon continues his stimulus tour of Western Mass with a variety of onsite visits to stimulus-funded projects.
  • Stimulus up close: MassRRO director Jeffrey Simon visits Western Mass

    MassRRO director Jeffrey Simon took a stimulus tour of Western Mass to see firsthand the stimulus impact in that region.
  • A roundtable with Jeffrey Simon: Action in Ipswich

    Jeffrey Simon hosted a roundtable in Action's new office in Ipswich to hear how stimulus funds are helping the anti-poverty organization help those in need.
  • Stimulus helps a housing project with its redevelopment dream

    The Washington Beech Housing Development has been talking about a redevelopment for years. Now, thanks in part to a stimulus grant, it's finally happening.
  • Stimulus helps a Health Center get a permanent home

    With the help of a stimulus award, the Whittier Street Health Center is finally able to put permanent roots in the community it serves.
  • A roundtable with the Governor: Springfield tells its stimulus stories

    The Governor holds a roundtable event in Springfield to hear how people in that area have been impacted by stimulus.
  • An affordable housing project is saved

    A stimulus award helps the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation move forward with its affordable housing project.
  • Stimulus gives Dorchester House much-needed boost

    Stimulus awards have given the Dorchester House, a multi-service center, a new lease on life.
  • Learning to become financially literate, one dollar at a time

    Boston ABCD's stimulus-funded money management course changes the way its students, who are mostly living below the poverty level, think about and manage their money -- and helps them get in charge of their finances.
  • The Governor gets "Back to Work" in Somerville

    Governor Deval Patrick hosted a roundtable that highlighted exactly how the stimulus program is working in Massachusetts to help its people get jobs.