University Of Massachusetts Dartmouth Solar Installation
Energy bills of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth are about to go down - and it is a stimulus grant that is helping those bills go in that direction.

Recovery Act Impact: University of MA - Dartmouth Solar Installations

  • Stimulus funding: $503K

  • Five installations throughout the campus

  • Will generate 269kW

  • Web-based system keeps track of savings in real time

The university received stimulus funding of $504K and that, coupled with other funding sources of $699K, enabled it to install solar panels on five of its buildings.

"The [economic] impact accumulates," said Manny Del Lima, senior resident engineer for the university.

The solar panels - installed on the university's Tripp Athletic Center and four dormitory buildings - total 269 kilowatts. Included in the installation is a connection to a web-based system that demonstrates, in real time, the benefits of the solar system. The system is open to all Internet users.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Web-based Solar Installation System
"It brings awareness of energy conservation efforts to the campus," noted Del Lima. "It's also helpful to students who want to do research."

The web based system is comprehensive, showing users every aspect of the solar installations and its energy saving impact from how many gallons of gas have been saved to how many trees to how many tons of carbon dioxide. Users can see the impact of shade on the installation and learn which building is best situated to catch the sun's rays.

"It's an excellent tool," said Del Lima. "We're excited about it."