PV Project at DOC Site
The last of five stimulus-funded solar photovoltaic (PV) installations came online this week at Department of Correction's (DOC) sites throughout the state and are now producing clean, homegrown, renewable electricity for on-campus use. Stimulus funds of just over $2 million were used to implement these projects.

The Division of Capital Asset Management is managing these DOC projects as well as 13 other solar installation projects across the state at various state owned facilities. In total, these 18 projects, as well as five other solar projects at state authorities, will generate nearly 4 megawatts of solar capacity. The 23 solar installation projects were funded with $8 million in stimulus funds and over $10 million in additional leveraged private and public capital.

The five solar arrays at DOC sites now producing electricity through solar installations are: Bay State Correctional Center, MCI Norfolk, Northeast Correctional Center, MCI Cedar Junction, and MCI Shirley.

Map of PV projects at DOC Sites

They will add 647 kW of solar capacity in the Commonwealth and are projected to produce 979,407 kilowatts of electricity annually, saving the state almost $150,000 in energy utility costs each year.

The installations are also helping to ensure a healthier environment in Massachusetts. The electricity generated by these five solar arrays are the equivalent of eliminating the carbon emissions from consuming 1,571 barrels of oil or the amount of carbon sequestered by 144 acres of pine or fir forests.