• About the Treasury
  • Our Mission and Core Values

    Our Mission at the Office of the State Treasurer is to prudently manage and safeguard the Commonwealth’s public deposits and investments through sound business practices for the exclusive benefits of our citizens, and perform these duties with integrity, excellence, and leadership.

    The Treasury is committed to delivering on our Mission through our Core Values:


    The Treasury continuously works to earn the public's confidence and trust by adhering to the highest ethical standards in every department and affiliated agency.


    The Treasury strives to be a leader by creating intelligent, innovative solutions to our business challenges, embracing new technology as part of the solutions, and by enriching our communities through educational and business partnerships.


    The Treasury endeavors to provide superior levels of professional services to the public and to surpass their expectations for service.

    Our Departments and Agencies

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  • History of the Treasury

    Quick Facts:

    1780: Created by the Constitution as a position filled by a joint vote of the General Court

    1855: Became a popularly elected office by the Constitutional Amendment Article XVII

    1919: Chapter 350, Acts of 1919 established the Department of Treasurer and Receiver General which became Massachusetts Department of the State Treasurer.

    • The Office of the Treasurer and Receiver General is 1 of 6 constitutional offices.
    • The Treasurer is elected and serves a 4-year term with the Governor.
    • State Treasurer is fourth in succession to the Governor.
    • The State Treasurer is the custodian of all state funds: to receive, invest and disburse.
    • The State Treasurer is the only state official authorized to make payments from state funds.
    • All state funds are required to be deposited with the Treasurer.
    • The State Treasurer supervises the collection of monies by the cities and towns as well as marketing state bonds and managing the State Lottery.

    Historic Photo -Treasury Building