For Immediate Release - September 09, 2011

ABCC Breaks Up Underage Student Party at Boston Tavern

"Operation Safe Campus" Initiative Targets Underage Drinking at Copperfield's

The Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) last night kicked off the 2011 "Operation Safe Campus" program, breaking up an underage drinking party at Boston's Copperfield's bar on Brookline Avenue. The program is aimed at preventing underage drinking and the associated violence and injuries that often occur at the beginning of the college school year.

"Operation Safe Campus sends a clear signal to bar owners who might be tempted to serve underage customers," said Treasurer Steven Grossman, whose office oversees the ABCC. "Knowing that our investigators are out there in force will reduce or prevent alcohol sales to minors, and it could very well save lives."

Operation Safe Campus, which focuses on college communities such as Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Fitchburg and Amherst, will run through October. As part of the program, undercover ABCC investigators canvas liquor stores, bars and clubs that may be serving underage individuals in an effort to identify and cite infractions of the law. ABCC investigators informed the manager of Copperfield's of the charges last night and advised that the licensee will receive a notice to appear at an upcoming hearing, where the liquor license could be suspended, modified, or revoked.

At approximately 11 p.m. last night, ABCC investigators entered Copperfield's, where they observed approximately 100 young students in possession of alcohol. Twelve students were cited for underage drinking and possession of false identification. The remaining students scattered, leaving only a handful of people in the bar. All of the cited students attend Boston College, and the ABCC is working with college police to investigate the event, which appears to have been promoted by older BC students via word-of-mouth and Facebook. Investigators started the night at area liquor stores, where several students were also cited for underage possession of alcohol or for furnishing alcohol to underage students.

On college campuses, 95% of all violent crime involves the use of alcohol. In a recent one-year period it was estimated that 1,400 college students died from alcohol-related injuries and that 500,000 students were injured while under the influence of alcohol. Last year, the ABCC conducted enforcement operations in approximately 200 municipalities throughout the Commonwealth and charged over 250 bars and liquor stores with violations of the Liquor Control Act.