For Immediate Release - September 09, 2011

Statement Of Treasurer Grossman on DiMasi Sentencing

Retirement Board will Move to Suspend Former Speaker's Pension

Treasurer Steven Grossman, Chairman of the State Retirement Board, released the following statement today in regard to former House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi's pension following his sentencing. This past June, Grossman and the Retirement Board moved to suspend Mr. DiMasi's pension following his conviction, an effort that was overturned by Suffolk Superior Court.

"An abuse of public office and the public trust is inexcusable. I will continue to use all available tools to prevent taxpayer resources from inappropriately funding state pensions.

"With sentencing now in place, the state Retirement Board will again vote on whether to suspend Mr. DiMasi's pension, as well as move toward forfeiture proceeding, at a special meeting next week. At this meeting, the Board will also be presented with information on the employment history of Richard McDonough to determine if his current pension benefits are inappropriate."

"Protecting the public's money is my top priority, and I am committed to working to prevent any future pension payments from going to Mr. DiMasi."