For Immediate Release - May 07, 2013

New Website Wins Award From Municipal Investor Group

Comprehensive Disclosure Tool for Investor Community Praised by NFMA

The National Federation of Municipal Analysts (NFMA) has awarded Massachusetts and its new investor website its prestigious Industry Contribution Award.  The award recognized an innovative and informational tool that provides an unprecedented degree of transparency to investors in the municipal bond market.

“Active for less than two months, our investor website is already reinforcing and enhancing Massachusetts’ reputation as a leader when it comes to disclosure in the municipal bond market,” said Grossman.  “The website helps investors better understand the state’s credit, which increases demand for our bonds and helps lower borrowing costs.”

The website,, positions Massachusetts as a national leader in terms of investor disclosure.  The site provides more than 30,000 pages of downloadable reports, audits and summaries from different state offices including the Treasurer’s Office, the Executive Office for Administration & Finance, the Department of Revenue, the Office of the State Comptroller, and the Commonwealth’s pension fund.  The new website also provides investors with cutting edge software that allow the state’s economic and financial data to be analyzed on a customized basis.

In presenting the award to Massachusetts, the NFMA noted that it had “chosen to honor the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for its exemplary website,, with its comprehensive disclosure of financial, debt and transaction information and user-friendly organization for municipal analysts and investors.”

The NFMA Industry Contribution Award is the latest development in Treasury’s ongoing effort to establish Massachusetts as a leader on investor disclosure. Over the past two years, the Commonwealth has completely revamped its disclosure practices which now include a set schedule of when information is published to the bond market, regular live investor calls, and an annual Investor Conference to showcase Massachusetts’ financial standing.  

Established in 1983, the NFMA is an organization of nearly 1,300 members, primarily research analysts, who evaluate credit and other associated risks in the municipal bond market. These individuals represent, amongst others, mutual funds, insurance companies, broker/dealers, bond insurers, rating agencies, and financial advisory firms.  For more information on the NFMA or its award, please go to