MSL Senate President - Sally M. Hoyt
MSL Speaker - Anne MacGillivray
MSL Senate Pres. Pro Tem - Sabina Stenberg
MSL Speaker Pro Tem - Antonette LoConte

Organized in 1980, the Massachusetts Silver Legislature provides an education advocacy program for seniors to become more aware of the legislative process. Members work with community organizations to develop a strong network, and encourage additional participation for senior leaders across the Commonwealth. They volunteer thousands of hours each year for the benefit of the elderly and disabled.

Silver Legislators work with Councils on Aging and seniors in the community to determine the needs and concerns of our elder generation. Issues that require changes in the law are brought before our legislators in the General Court. They draft and file legislation to address the needs of the elderly and disabled. MSL members provide for quality of life during their "golden years", and see that they live in comfort and dignity.