The long-term goal of the Clean Water Program is to facilitate municipal compliance with the Clean Water Act; the objective of which is to stop water pollution. Over the last several years, MWPAT has led the nation by funding an increasingly expansive variety and significantly growing volume of projects. MWPAT's creative fund management and the DEP's innovative program management have combined to create the fastest funding pace with the broadest range of project types in the nation. The sophisticated funding mechanism of the MWPAT uses high leveraging ratios and accelerated loan recycling to increase capital funds for innovative projects and stressed municipal budgets. The DEP's expanded project eligibility go beyond the traditional wastewater management facilities to include combined sewer overflows, storm sewer, and various non-point source projects. The ability of MWPAT to generate and manage capital and the DEP's ability to develop and manage projects has produced over $2.9 billion in program capacity (bonds and loans issued to date).