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One of the most important responsibilities of the Debt Management Department is to ensure that the Commonwealth produces timely and complete disclosure of the financial statements and operating performance of the state so that investors, both individual investors as well as large institutional investors, can assess the credit quality and risk of the Commonwealth's bonds being sold in the primary or secondary markets. The Commonwealth has always taken its disclosure and reporting requirements seriously, and is committed to providing the most robust and timely disclosure possible.

This archive is not intended to supplant Rule 15c2-12 or the Commonwealth's filing obligations under this rule. In accordance with changes made to Rule 15c2-12 in 2009, official filings (annual financial statements, material events notices, etc.) are made electronically to the Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA) portal (

This archive, as well as the other content provided in these pages, is meant to augment the Commonwealth's official disclosure requirements by providing additional voluntary information that both taxpayers and investors may find informative.


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Full list of Disclosure Documents for 2007

SEC Rule 15c2-12 is an SEC rule under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 setting forth certain obligations of (i) underwriters to receive, review and disseminate official statements prepared by issuers of most primary offerings of municipal securities, (ii) underwriters to obtain continuing disclosure agreements from issuers and other obligated persons to provide material event disclosures and annual financial information on a continuing basis, and (iii) broker-dealers to have access to such continuing disclosure in order to make recommendations of municipal securities in the secondary market (source: MSRB Glossary of Terms,

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Disclaimer: The information is provided for quick reference only and is not an exhaustive compilation of information for any particular bond issue. It does not purport to present full and fair disclosure with respect to Commonwealth of Massachusetts debt within the meaning of applicable securities laws.