The job of the Debt Management department is to borrow the money needed to operate Massachusetts state government in an efficient manner in order to properly serve its citizens. The department is also responsible for accounting for and managing all of the Commonwealth's outstanding debt obligations, and providing timely reimbursement to investors.

Article LXII of the Massachusetts Constitution empowers the Legislature to borrow money on the credit of the Commonwealth. This authority is delegated to the Massachusetts State Treasurer & Receiver General pursuant to Chapter 29 of the Massachusetts General Laws. As a department within the Treasurer's Office, Debt Management is authorized to conduct such borrowing for the state.


Mission Statement

The main objective of the Debt Management department is to manage the Commonwealth's debt programs effectively and efficiently to minimize the state's borrowing costs that are supported by taxpayers. The process through which financing structures are evaluated to carry out the state's borrowing will include a measurement of the risks associated with each financing method or proposal. The issuance of bonds and notes will be done in a manner that serves the public interest, complies with state and federal tax and securities laws, is within the guidelines of adopted policies of the department, and ensures that timely repayment of debt service can be accomplished in a fiscally appropriate manner.



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Last Updated: 10/27/2009


Disclaimer: The information is provided for quick reference only and is not an exhaustive compilation of information for any particular bond issue. It does not purport to present full and fair disclosure with respect to Commonwealth of Massachusetts debt within the meaning of applicable securities laws.