Municipal bond trading activity is reported by broker-dealers to the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, which makes this information easily accessible and transparent on a real-time basis on the Electronic Municipal Market Access (or "EMMA") website. EMMA's market activity pages provide a window for viewing market-wide information about municipal securities.

To view real-time trading activity of outstanding Commonwealth of Massachusetts general obligations bonds, please choose a year from the drop-down menu, then choose a bond series, and then click on a CUSIP number*.

When you click on one of the listed CUSIPs**, you will automatically be taken to the landing page on EMMA that is specific for each CUSIP. The key items of information regarding trades provided on EMMA include the trade price, the resulting yield (if available), the principal amount of the bonds bought or sold in that trade, and whether the trade involved a customer or was between broker-dealers and/or banks. A municipal security trade or transaction is a sale of a bond by one party to another. When a customer purchases a bond from a broker-dealer or bank, that trade is noted on EMMA as "Customer bought." When a customer sells a bond to a broker-dealer or bank, that trade is noted on EMMA as "Customer sold." A sale by a broker-dealer or bank to another broker-dealer or bank is noted on EMMA as an "Inter-dealer Trade." Normally, broker-dealers and banks report their trades to the MSRB within fifteen minutes of trade execution, and the trade information appears almost immediately on EMMA.

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* CUSIP is a registered trademark of the American Bankers Association. CUSIP Global Services (CGS) is managed on behalf of the American Bankers Association by Standard & Poor's. The CUSIP number is being provided solely for the convenience of Bondowners. The Commonwealth and the State Treasurer's Office do not make any representation with respect to such numbers or undertake any responsibility for their accuracy now or at any time in the future. The CUSIP number for a specific maturity is subject to being changed after the issuance of the Bonds as a result of the various subsequent actions including, but not limited to, a refunding in whole or in part of such maturity or as a result of the procurement of secondary market portfolio insurance or other similar enhancement by investors that is applicable to all or a portion of certain maturities of the Bonds.

** By clicking on any of the CUSIP numbers provided, you will be leaving the website managed by the Massachusetts State Treasurer's Office and enter external websites. These links are provided as an information service only. The viewer acknowledges that the content of these external websites have not been prepared or developed and are not maintained by or under the control of the State Treasurer's Office.

The State Treasurer's Office does not endorse and makes no representations or warranties as to any of the content, information, products, services or opinions contained on EMMA. The State Treasurer's Office bears no responsibility and shall have no liability for the content of any external websites and the accuracy, completeness, finality, timeliness or relevance of any information on any of the external websites. While EMMA purports to provide real time trading activity, the State Treasurer's Office cannot ensure the accuracy and timeliness of such information. It is the responsibility of the viewer to evaluate the content and usefulness of information obtained from other websites.

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Last Updated: 2/1/2012

Disclaimer: The information is provided for quick reference only and is not an exhaustive compilation of information for any particular bond issue. It does not purport to present full and fair disclosure with respect to Commonwealth of Massachusetts debt within the meaning of applicable securities laws.