• Massachusetts SMART Plan
  • Participating in the Massachusetts Deferred Compensation SMART Plan may help provide a more comfortable and secure financial future. The Plan is established under the Internal Revenue Code Section 457, which allows eligible employees to save and invest before-tax or after-tax (Roth) 457 contributions through salary deferrals.

    The SMART Plan is a voluntary retirement savings program. Take advantage of this valuable employee benefit – Save Money And Retire Tomorrow.

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  • CORE Plan

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    The Massachusetts Defined Contribution CORE Plan (“CORE Plan”) is a tax deferred and post-tax 401(k) savings plan developed for employees of eligible small nonprofit organizations that choose to adopt it.  The mission of the CORE Plan is to help Massachusetts nonprofit employees save and invest for a financially secure retirement.  Massachusetts nonprofit organizations with 20 employees or less may be eligible to adopt the CORE Plan.  The Office of the State Treasurer and Receiver General, as sponsor of the CORE Plan, assumes most administrative and investment responsibilities, reducing the burden on participating nonprofit employers.

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