• Economic Empowerment for Kindergarteners

    SeedMA: Higher Education Savings for Massachusetts Families

    SeedMA is a universal, seed-funded savings account program, designed to help Massachusetts children and families save for higher education and postsecondary training. The program, presently in the pilot stage, is open to every Kindergarten student enrolled in the Worcester Public School System for the 2016-2017 school year. Eventually this savings plan will become available to every kindergarten student in Massachusetts.

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    Economic Empowerment for High School Students

    Financial Education Fairs

    A Financial Education Fair is a fun, interactive, and effective way to teach critical life skills like saving, spending, and budgeting to high school students. Participants simulate the day-to-day budgetary decisions they will face based on assigned occupations and financial situations, including finding an affordable place to live, saving for retirement, and even budgeting for a new television set.


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    Financial Education Fairs

    Photo Courtesy of Brockton Enterprise