Financial literacy is an essential tool for high school students to
compete effectively in today's world. Today, more than ever, students
need to become financially literate to avoid credit and debt problems
and plan for an economically stable and prosperous future.

The Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation, in partnership
with the Department of Education, launched the High School Financial
Literacy (HiFi) program to provide students with the tools they need to
take control of their financial future. Since its inception in 2005,
HiFi has grown to include 298 high schools across the Commonwealth. The
Massachusetts HiFi program serves as a national model for other states.

The HiFi program offers free educator training seminars and materials,
which are provided by the National Endowment for Financial Education
(NEFE). The NEFE curriculum is mapped to existing state educational
requirements for Math, Science/Technology, English, Health, and Social
Science. Teachers can receive professional development points (PDPs) for
completing the HiFi training.

The HiFi educator-training program is available to teachers,
superintendents, administrators, guidance counselors, and business
professionals, particularly those in the financial industry. Business
professionals can partner with schools and teachers in their communities
to teach all or part of the course, or serve as a guest speaker.

The financial challenges facing today's students are many and complex.
Providing them with financial planning training will help them make
informed financial decisions that will positively affect their futures.

To become part of this exciting program, please go to to register online or get more information. We appreciate your support of this important program and look forward to including each city and town across the Commonwealth.