Budgeting & Setting Financial Goals – Basic class to show tips and tools for weekly/monthly budgeting and strategies for how to reach long term financial goals. This class will provide concrete actions steps for attendees to live on a budget and begin saving. Military Saves, a social media partner of the DOD Financial Readiness Campaign, and other reliable hands-on tools will be featured in this class (www.militarysaves.org)

Dealing with Debt/Repairing Credit – If you have already accrued debt and/or overextended credit learn about the methods and tools available to create a recovery plan. The class will review repayment options and how to decide if you need credit counseling. There will also be a focus on how to avoid predatory lending and protect good credit, particularly in higher risk scenarios such as during deployment or other service related transitions.

Basics of Investing – Learn how to get started in making your money work for you. This class will introduce attendees to basic investing to increase savings and prepare for future life events like retirement or a child’s education.

Using Your Education Benefits – There are many unique benefits to help military families afford college, but just as many financial misunderstandings to avoid! This session will share important facts on how apply for post 9/11 GI Bill/Veterans’ Education benefits, including how to apply one’s education benefits to one’s child/dependent. Additionally, you will learn important “Buyer Beware” advice regarding deceptive tactics to recognize and avoid. You will leave this session with a checklist of questions to ask and have answered at any college or university before enrolling.

Money Mentors – Meet one on one with a CFP or Credit Counselor for a 15 minute appointment. Attendees can discuss specific personal finance questions, receive knowledgeable advice and walk away with action steps.

Bridging the Financial Gap to College – Sometimes the post 9/11 GI education benefits do not cover the entire cost of college. Learn more about how to apply for federal student aid and choose the right college for you based on your budget from the Massachusetts Education Financing Authority (MEFA). This session will connect you with fantastic resources to support your specific college and career planning needs such as, Massachusetts Your Plan for the Future (www.yourplanforthefuture.org).

Retirement – Retiring with veteran status is different than routine civilian retirement. Learn about how to best access and manage your military retirement benefits. Also, learn how to maximize additional retirement savings options and tax benefits available to military personnel such as the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP).

Homeownership 101 – Looking to purchase a home? Experts from Mass Housing (www.masshousing.org) will acquaint attendees with the first time home buying process through a crash course of existing military borrowing programs.  Homeownership is often the largest purchase one will make in their lifetime, so this session will help attendees to take a more personalized approach by identifying more extensive and local home-buying courses to participate in following this event.

Money & Disability - As a disabled veteran or servicemember there are many programs and/or benefits available to you. Learn about the options offered from nonprofit and public organizations to help in a variety of areas such as transportation or tax benefits. Attendees will also learn about filing a claim to fulfill their benefits.

Military Healthcare - Get a better understanding of your healthcare benefits whether you are a veteran, servicemember or family member. This class will review information on VA Healthcare and Tri Care. It will also go over other healthcare coverage options that may be needed to bridge gaps. Attendees will learn how to most effectively utilize their benefits to save on healthcare costs.

Available Throughout the Day

Help Hire a Vet –Meet one on one with a Career Counselor for a 15 minute appointment. If you are or know a veteran struggling with unemployment learn about the options available to you. This could include options for career search and interviewing skills as well as looking into options for education.

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